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Llort flat out lied about New York being a Place Worse Than Death.
He genuinely likes Stanley as a person and was willing to look for any excuse to keep him from being stoned without getting Gnorga suspicious, even making up stuff about the outside world to get on Gnorga's good side, such as New York and humanity being a horrible fate to sentence Stanley too. The plan falls apart when its revealed Stanley is enjoying himself there, and when word spreads that Stanley's punishment is too soft, Llort just rolls with it as best as he can as Gnorga decides to take care of Stanley personally.

The entire film is an allegory about the dangers of conformity.
Stanley is the only person in the film who shows any individuality compared to the other trolls, and his magic green thumb drives this point home. The other trolls, by their hideous and grumpy nature, are clearly not benefiting from their habits, but are too ingrained into them or consider them too natural to consider breaking out of (ala Plato's Cave Allegory), or, out of fear or loyalty, stick to their habits. Gnorga is the ultimate conformist—a true fascist who believes solely in "her way, or the highway", with not the slightest nod to anyone below her distinguishing themselves—going as far as to where she can and will go out of her way to stop you from having any chance of abandoning conformity, 1984 style (read: Turns anyone who shows individuality into stone, which can be interpreted as a visible form of brainwashing, or not being able to change at all, or just flat out death). Her husband Llort harbors a secret desire to abandon the habits of the troll kingdom, but largely hides it out of fear of being stoned. The climax when Stanley finally rebels against Gnorga and topples her with his sheer willpower is meant to represent the triumph of the individual against impossible odds. Alternatively...

The film is an allegory of democracy against communism.
Another possible interpretation of the films plot. Or...

The film isn't an allegory for anything.
Its really just a good vs. evil story about a troll who can grow plants against an evil dictator who can turn people into stone.
  • Burn the heretic!

Stanley's "magic" is really Spiral Energy.
Consider this: it's colored green, not to mention the whole "it'll happen if you believe hard enough". Which means if he isn't stopped, he'll cause Spiral Nemesis.

Gnorga is a bad troll.
A very bad troll.

Stanley is actually Torok the Troll.
Or possiblyrelated to Torok. He somehow ended up in a land inhabited by stupid trolls, and plotted his way into escaping and taking over the world with a thumb that generates plants, succeeding this time.
  • He's his inbred grandson.

Stanley is a bad troll.
Seriously. He's a depraved megalomaniac.

The very bad troll is the hero.
Stanley is, as previously established, a bad troll. The troll who sings "I'M A BAAAD TROOOLL" is the one who first suspects him, and tried to catch him in the act of growing flowers. See, trolls who grow flowers almost always destoy cities by covering them in shrubbery. This troll is the one in charge of keeping rogue flower growers in check.

Gnorga is too psycopathic to be the hero, as she is willing to kill for her goals. Her husband is also a flower grower, and is in league with Stanley. Rosie and Gus are their pawns, which is why Stanley is sent to Central Park. The parents were in charge of allowing the kids to escape to the park, and then bring them back to revive Stanley if Gnorga succeeds. Maria is just an idiot.

Therefore, we should side with the "Bad" Trolls and their Anti-Hero Antagonist Gnorga.

A film-hating wizard created a curse to switch the endings of Little Shop of Horrors and A Troll in Central Park.
Of course this doesn't really make A Troll in Central Park any better, as the true ending involves Stanley almost losing to Gnorga after an awesome Villain Song, only for Gnorga to be electrocuted to death by a stray wire, and Stanley and Rosie go and live in the suburbs somewhere.
  • No, no, because to do that the one who dies would have to be the one who covers New York in plant life. The true ending, then, would involve Gnorga almost losing to Stanley after an awesome Villain Song, only for Stanley to be electrocuted to death by a stray wire.

The film is a Future Imperfect retelling of the events of Little Shop of Horrors.
The characters themselves were wiped out by the plantocalypse, and when the Audrey IIs left the Earth they only took their pods, leaving immobile vines. A Troll in Central Park is an attempt by the survivors to explain what happened, years later, although they have somewhat forgotten of the violence of the plantocalypse.

King Llort is secretly gay for Stanley.
King Llort is just like Stanley, only he doesn't have the green thumb that would allow him to grow flowers. The reason why he is married to Gnorga is because he was actually part of another troll colony that was made up of nice trolls, and his kingdom wanted to make peace with the bad trolls. And so, there was an Arranged Marriage. Stanley may or may not have been part of the nice troll colonies. This explains why he went out of his way to make sure Gnorga didn't turn Stanley into stone.

A Troll in Central Park is the unofficial Troll 4.
Though this one actually has trolls.

Idea that Stanley might be a True Fae...

The movie is actually seen through the eyes of the minor squirrel character who looks high.
The actual plot would have made a lot more sense if not seen through the eyes of that stoner squirrel. Everything's from his point of view.

Goodness is troll drugs.
  • Can someone please explain this one?
    • Does it really need explaining?

The movie was made by anti-environmentalists.
Lets face it, a movie can't be this bad unless it was on purpose. Loggers, land developers, industrialists and the like made this terrible movie to send there own message to kids: If they can't be bothered to make a decent movie about environmental protection, the real environment is not worth protecting at all. Come join them in destroying all those icky flowers and ugly trees so you'll have better things for your already entirely technology-dependent soul!

Don Bluth was Trolling when he made this movie.
Isn't it obvious?

Stanley is actually the villain.
He's trying to use his green thumb to wipe out all of civilization by enveloping it out-of-control plantlife, to make everything absolutely green.

Stanley is Llort's nephew.
His mother was Llort's sister, and seemed to be of similar ilk to Stanley- it's been a while since this troper's watched the movie, so maybe when she was found out, she was stoned. Llort did his best to make sure Stanley was saved and brought up as a normal troll, though clearly that didn't work. That's why he makes sure Stanley ends up in New York, where he might be happy. To pretend he hasn't gone soft, he goes along with Gnorga's plot to end Stanley, but quickly makes amends once she's dead.

The troll that told Stanley to have a rotten day was a bad troll
A very baaaaaad Troll!

Flowers are poisonous to trolls
There has to be some reason why they hate greenery and love gross things. Maybe they literally need rot and death in order to survive, and living plants are toxic to them.

Llort's actions are Pragmatic Villainy
Gnorga has obviously killed a lot of their subjects, to the point of using their petrified bodies as furniture and support beams. His suggestion of banishment was to try to introduce the idea of non-fatal punishments into the kingdom (especially because Gnorga crosses out the carving of him in her song).