Video Game / The Simpsons: Bartman Meets Radioactive Man

The Simpsons: Bartman Meets Radioactive Man is the third Licensed Game based on The Simpsons, released on the Nintendo Entertainment System and the Game Gear. It was developed by Imagineering and released by Acclaim in December 1992.

Radioactive Man has been imprisoned in the Limbo Zone, which revolves around a black hole. While reading a comic where the hero doesn't appear, Bart meets Fallout Boy and he tells Bart about the situation. Bart becomes Bartman, and heads out to save Radioactive Man. To do so, he has to battle three supervillains, before taking on Brain-O the Magnificent.

Tropes appearing in this game:

  • Absurdly Spacious Sewer: The sewer level, which is also The Maze.
  • Badass Cape: Bartman's cape blows briefly in the wind, when there isn't any.
  • Brain in a Jar: Brain-O the Magnificent, but he's on wheels!
  • Level Goal: There's a glowing exclamation mark with a "B" inside it that takes you to the next level.
  • Recycled Soundtrack: The final boss battle is the same song as the sewer level.
  • Scenery Porn: All the levels are quite detailed.
  • A Winner Is You: Once you defeat Brain-O, Radioactive Man thanks you, and there's a picture of Bartman standing triumphantly.