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Video Game: The Precursors
The Precursors is the latest game made by Deep Shadows, the same developers which made Boiling Point: Road to Hell and White Gold: War in Paradise

The gameplay is best summed up as Deus Ex meets Freelancer. The game is a hybrid of a First-Person Shooter, Role-Playing Game, Stealth-Based Game and space-based Simulation Game. The player is capable of doing whatever he wants, trade with merchants or extort them for money, work for The Federation, The Empire, or La Résistance, investigate long lost ruins... you can travel through space, actually land and play around in planets and space stations. (Granted, you can only land on six planets, but they're pretty big and detailed).

The player takes the role of Treece Creighton, a young pilot of the Amarn race who is fresh from the academy and is sent to work for an agent of the government in the Amarn colony of the desert planet Goldin. After several missions, the Amarn's home planet mysteriously explodes and Treece is sent on a quest to find out how and why it happened.

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