Video Game / Chaos Code

Chaos Code is a fighting game developed by FKDigital and published by Arc System Works.

The story revolves around the discovery of an infinite source of energy called "Chaotics" that was used for many uses and advancements for mankind. But the person who discovered the Chaoctics disappears without an explaination and only leaves a mystery message: "Chaos Code". A foundation called the World Government Organization tries to prevent the news of the Chaos Code from breaking out but eventually the news gets leaked out. To counter the publicity, the WGO announced a reward of a vast amount of money for anyone who is capable of figuring out what the "Chaos Code" means. So many people join in for the money, some for their own goals, some trying to prevent the Chaos Code from being in the government's clutches, etc.

The gameplay borrows from other Arcsys games such as the Guilty Gear and BlazBlue series, with long strings of combos that can be cancelled in and out of, but also adds its own two cents here and there. Mainly, the game gives the player of picking extra special moves and/or super moves (Here called Chaos Moves) after you pick your character. In the heat of battle, you'll also have a plethora of tactical options, such as guard breakers, special counter guards, a dodge mechanic, and come-back mechanic that grants quite a few bonuses in exchange of a bull special gauge.

The other major draw of the game lies in its character designs, some of which are pretty out there. How about cooking your opponents in a giant pie as a giant, muscle-bound chef? Or perhaps awe them into submission with a Camp Gay young man that attacks by donning several different costumes? Or if that's too orthodox for you, how about fighting with not one single character, but a pair of twins that leave the Ice Climbers crying in shame due to their lack of team work?

Chaos Code hit the Arcades first in August 2011 and eventually made it to the PSN on December 2012.

Chaos Code contains the following examples: