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Video Game: Ayakashi Ghost Guild
Ayakashi: Ghost Guild (あやかし陰陽録, Ayakashi Onmyouroku) is a Zynga game for mobile platforms. A Card Battle Game originating from Japan (specifically, Zynga's Japanese branch before it closed at the end of 2012, and the development then shifted to Zynga's Chinese branch), it has been translated into Chinese, English, and Korean, with the English port being the most recent. The key mechanism in Ayakashi: Ghost Guild is cards, or daemons which are collected, enhanced and used for battle. There is also a central story running throughout the game, though it is currently ongoing. Various statistics govern the ability of players to explore the story line and use their cards for battle, while events provide additional opportunities for card collection.

You step into the shoes of a ghost agent, or onmyouji, and are tasked to solve supernatural anomalies that happen in modern-day Japan with the help of your spiritual companion, Mira.

Has a regularly-maintained wiki here.

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