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Video Game: All Of Our Friends Are Dead
"Listen at us, won't you?
Share with us your head
Do hide behind the iris
As all of our friends are dead."

All of Our Friends Are Dead is a 2009 freeware game by Amon26. A frightening, disturbing, trippy, and fun run-and-gun platform shooter that can perhaps best be described as Contra on a really bad acid trip; a hellish work of art replete with some of the strangest and most unsettling images you're ever likely to see in a game. The industrial rock/strange noise soundtrack and bizarre first-person plural writing only contribute to the highly surreal and LSD-like nature of this nightmarish trip. Since the story itself makes absolutely no sense whatsoever, it is therefore left to fan interpretation and speculation. The game can be downloaded here.

See also Au Sable and Gyossait, more freeware horror games by the same creator.

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