->''"Listen at us, won't you?''\\
''Share with us your head''\\
''Do hide behind the iris''\\
''[[TitleDrop As all of our friends are dead."]]''

''All of Our Friends Are Dead'' is a 2009 {{freeware}} game by Amon26. A frightening, disturbing, [[WhatDoYouMeanItWasntMadeOnDrugs trippy]], and fun run-and-gun platform shooter that can perhaps best be described as ''VideoGame/{{Contra}}'' [[ThisIsYourPremiseOnDrugs on a really bad acid trip]]; a hellish work of art replete with some of the strangest and most unsettling images you're ever likely to see in a game. The industrial rock/strange noise soundtrack and bizarre first-person plural writing only contribute to the [[SurrealHorror highly surreal]] and LSD-like nature of this nightmarish trip. Since the story itself [[TrueArtIsIncomprehensible makes absolutely no sense whatsoever]], it is therefore left to [[EpilepticTrees fan interpretation]] and [[WildMassGuessing speculation]]. The game can be downloaded [[http://studioeres.com/mirrors/AOOFAD.zip here]].

See also ''VideoGame/AuSable'' and ''VideoGame/{{Gyossait}}'', more freeware horror games by the same creator.

!!This game provides examples of:
* AcidTripDimension: Everywhere you go feels like a really bad acid trip.
* BigBad: Seems to be [[spoiler: the woman who serves as the FinalBoss]], though itís rather vague.
* BodyHorror: Largely happens to the...''things'' in the background.
* BossBattle: Three: a giant red ghost thing, a giant [[BuffySpeak womb-looking thingy]], and [[spoiler: a strange-looking woman]].
* BottomlessMagazines
* BottomlessPit
* ChekhovsGunman: That strange woman tied to a wall that suddenly disappears turns out to be [[spoiler:the final boss]].
* CrapsackWorld
* CrueltyIsTheOnlyOption: One scene requires you to kill someone so that you can retrieve the key from their corpse.
* DarkWorld
* DeadGuyOnDisplay
* DeliberatelyMonochrome: The game is almost entirely in black, white, and shades of red. The exception is the main character's orange gun and [[SplashOfColor the occasional green object]].
* DroneOfDread: Most of the background music/noise.
* EldritchAbomination: '''FUCKING EVERYWHERE''', from the enemies to the ''doorways''.
* EverythingTryingToKillYou
* GainaxEnding: More like Gainax Everything, to be exact.
* ImpaledWithExtremePrejudice: Your fate if you fall into one of the [[SpikesOfDoom spike pits]]. Also, many of the [[DeadGuyOnDisplay dead bodies on display]].
* InterchangeableAntimatterKeys
* LockAndKeyPuzzle: The game requires you to find and collect keys to advance in some areas.
* MadnessMantra: Much of the bizarre narration and words randomly scrambled across the screen.
* MindScrew
* NightmareFace: The frightening woman's face that randomly [[JumpScare pops out at you]] late in the game.
-->''"...and to think she was once a mother!"''
* NintendoHard
* NoNameGiven: The protagonist and everyone else.
* NoPlotNoProblem: WordOfGod said in an interview that this game doesn't actually have a plot.
* OneHitPointWonder: One hit will kill you instantly.
* OurMonstersAreWeird: And ''how''.
* PostProcessingVideoEffects: Film grain and flickering.
* RedSkyTakeWarning
* {{Retraux}}
* RhymesOnADime: The ending.
* SceneryGorn: The game is noted for its incredibly nightmarish atmosphere.
* SpikesOfDoom
* SurrealHorror
* TitleDrop: At the very end.