Video Game: Ai to Yuuki to Kashiwa Mochi

Our Heroine and her boyfriend.
Or Love, Courage, and Leaf-Wrapped Rice Cake. It's another cute little puzzle game from the maker of Irisu Syndrome!. This game features the same sort of sweet-dark plot as it's forerunner, so be prepared for surprises! Many have even described it as a a crossover between Kashiwa Mochi and Irisu Syndrome! in both gameplay and plot.

Ai-chan is a adorable but Ill Girl who loves eating sweets and being in love with her boyfriend, Yuki. But it's not as straightforward as that: Ai isn't just an Ill Girl, but the Littlest Cancer Patient as well. As the game progresses, she slips closer and closer to the edge. Scoring enough points will keep her around, though! The gameplay itself is pretty similar to Yoshi's Cookie only with a wicked difficulty curve.

The computer version can be downloaded here. An official iOS version titled "Love Mochi" was released in 2011 and can be bought from the iTunes Store.

Her boyfriend Yuki is there too! Yay!

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Ai To Yuuki To Kashi Wa Mochi