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My name is ncfan, I am in college, and I am also known as her Royal Majesty, the Queen of the kingdom of Angst. You'll figure out why soon enough.

Also a troper, ncfan has been a writer on Fan Fiction.Net since August 14, 2009. She is extremely prolific and has a hard time keeping up with multi-chapter stories, preferring to write oneshots instead. She has written for Naruto, Teen Titans, Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, and other fandoms, but writes primarily for Bleach now.

Okay, not even that anymore. I've skipped out on Naruto and Bleach (a certain drabble collection being the only vestige, so far) and am branching out into things like Doctor Who, Code Geass, and Natsume Yuujinchou.

Actually, even that's not entirely true anymore. Given that Naruto has finally presented us with a decent plot twist, I'm giving it a second chance, though don't look for any new oneshots on it. I might come back to Bleach sometime in the future, but do not count on that being any time soon. Seriously.

Her account on Fanfiction.Net can be found here.

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