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Deep in the maze of multicolored bullets in Gensokyo, it's possible to come across a wild Miruruneko, though this is a very rare occurrence. Upon finding her, it is entirely possible that she will take extreme evasive maneuvers to escape. With enough time and patience, she may reveal her origins to the finder. Due to (not so) popular demand, those are going to be typed here. :3

My name is Stephanie Vauhn, though I usually go by Steph, as it's less formal. I'm 19 years old, and a female, as if the name didn't immediately give that away. ^^; I will use emoticons and smiley faces in about... 90% of the sentences I use. I have a fondness for role playing, though I've never participated in one of the ones that use dice.

Edited as of April 20, 2011: Okay, in dice R Ps now. :3

I live in the humid state of Louisiana, located in the southern United States. I'm currently attending online college for graphic design, and I aspire to create my own games. In my free time, I enjoy writing role plays in the form of stories, chatting on MSN, and playing Touhou

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Tropes that allegedly Apply to me.

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