Tropers / Graeme Allen

Some average guy in the limbo between kid and adult; that is to say, he's 17. He still plays with makes films with LEGOnote  but is making the transition to CGI, draws, writes, and hopes to get a job as an animator at Pixar someday. *Cue Training Montage*

This Troper provides examples of:
  • Berserk Button: People labeling anything animated as "for kidsnote ," mostly because of quality films like those from Pixar, and the fact that he himself is an animator, but especially after watching Princess Mononoke; and that's not even close to how bad it gets, ...Or So I Heard. Gets a good laugh out of the What Do You Mean, It's Not for Kids? page, despite the enormous amounts of Squick that comes with it.
    • Legos LEGO is also a major pressure point. Not only is it for adults as well, but this troper is a purist. In Layman's Terms, if it ain't from the LEGO company, Kill It with Fire.
  • Crazy Awesome: To some extent, and Your Milage May Vary, considering this very Troper is the one doing all the talking herenote , examples may be a bit... biased? Said Troper is possibly not crazy, but instead claims that pretending to be keeps him from literally going crazynote . Plans to "become immune to several non-leathal poisons and put them in [his] snacks to discourage sneaky snack snatchers," among other things.
  • Footnote Fever: And how! This example may as well be the only one on this page without a single footnote.
  • Goshdang It To Heck: Every day, sometimes for religious reasons, other times because of family values, and the rest because of personal choice. Oddly enough, two favorite lines from two favorite films both contain the word "hell" in a non-vulgar way, the films being Ratatouillenote  and Sleeping Beautynote , in that order.
  • I Work Alone: Most of the time on filmsnote , art, and writingnote . This solitude is not necessarily intended, however.

Favorite Films:
  • WALL•E: This Troper's number one favorite. Also makes a point of spelling it with an "•".
  • The Incredibles: Mostly for the action, but it has a pretty linear story as well note , plus the music is amazing.
  • Ratatouille: Another solid film from Brad Bird/Pixar. Linear story is present here as well, perhaps more-so than The Incredibles, plus that food looks delicious. Was it mentioned that this Troper has an interest in cooking?
  • The Emperor's New Groove: A tad of a guilty pleasure, but it is, in this Troper's opinion, the best non-Pixar animated film to come out of Disney in the whole of the 00's. That said, he has not seen most of the others; most notably Lilo & Stitch, ...Or So I Heard.
  • Avatar: Visual Effects of Awesome, indeed!