Trivia / Z! True Long Island Story

  • Channel Hop: After 50 episodes, the show was moved to WWE's official YouTube page.
  • Executive Meddling: According to Zack's twitter, his show ended up suffering from this after the Channel Hop, with Episode 63 having 2 minutes edited out and in Episode 64 a rant against WWE is edited out, but in its stead a promo for Extreme Rules was played. Turns out it was Eve Torres who suggested the edit.
  • The Merch: Plugging T-shirts with his picture on them. "Go ahead, buy one—I gotta eat."
    • Then the new t-shirts, then the headband, then the sunglasses, then the... hooded scarf?
    • Has become somewhat of a Running Gag, as each week he has become increasingly covered in merchandise, to the point where it's difficult to see Zack in there at all.
  • No Budget: Lampshaded in the first episode, as he mocks his own lacking background, and how he recorded it on a Flip camera his parents gave him as a Christmas gift.
    • Even now, his background is several of his photos on one of those tri-fold posterboards that elementary-school science projects are on.