YMMV / Z! True Long Island Story

  • Ensemble Darkhorse: Zack appears to be developing this status himself due to this show.
    • Scott Stanford; the show further cements his status as a genuinely cool dude.
    • Zack's Dad
  • Harsher in Hindsight: "I'm trying to get over!" Cut to 7/4/2011 RAW, when John Cena brings attention to the fact that WWE security confiscate Zack Ryder signs from people in the audience.
  • Heartwarming Moment: In episode 44, Zack's dad is shown holding up a Dolph Ziggler t-shirt. Zack is horrified that his dad's John Morrison obsession will change to Ziggler, until his dad tosses the Ziggler t-shirt in a trash can and turns around to reveal he's covered in Broski merchandise in support of his son.