Trivia / Wanted

The Movie:

  • Playing Against Type:
    • Be honest. When was the last time you saw Morgan Freeman play the Big Bad?
    • You wouldn't expect a slim, 5'7", non-macho actor be the star of an action movie, but James McAvoy got to do just that.
  • Playing with Character Type: Freeman initially appears to be playing the same kindly, wise old man character he always plays. Turns out he's the villain.
  • Production Posse: As the movie was produced by Timur Bekmambetov, Konstantin Khabensky appearing in it in some capacity was pretty much a given. When the movie was released in Russia, a popular joke was that the entire movie was made just so that Khabensky would see Angelina Jolie naked.
  • Real Life Writes the Plot: Angelina Jolie's noted collection of tattoos, particularly on her back, is incorporated into the character of Fox (and adjusted accordingly). To date this is the only movie where her tattoos have been embraced as opposed to being covered up in some way.
  • Referenced by...: In X-Men: First Class, the camera angle when we first see a close-up of Charles Xavier (portrayed by James McAvoy) holding a gun is reminiscent of Wanted's final scene.

The Comicbook:

  • What Could Have Been: The comic started life as a rejected pitch for an Elseworlds featuring the Secret Society of Super-Villains. Elements of this are still visible, such as basically the entire cast being Expies of various DC villains and heroes.