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Awesome: Wanted

The comic

  • Grammaton Shady... sorry, Wesley Gibson's training in Wanted. Beating up a bunch of gang members? Check. Then they steal a jet the next issue...

The movie

  • The movie's HSQ was so high, it's hard to think of a single Crowning Moment Of Awesome that stood out above the rest but we can think of many especially awesome ones.
  • Start of the movie: an assassin hurls himself face first through a glass window to the skyscraper rooftop across the street.
  • When Wesley initially starts training, he fails hilariously at most of his tests, including a particularly brutal one in which he's tied up and repeatedly punched in the face by the Repairman. One day the Repairman beats Wesley so severely, he falls over bloodied all over and still tied to the chair. But rather than wimper and complain as has been his habit to this point, Wesley actually manages to free himself from the ropes, picks up the chair, breaks it over the head of his trainer, and THEN proceeds to beat his ass. Prior to that point, the movie was a Fish out of Water comedy. After that point it became an out-and-out action movie.
  • Every scene Fox was in.
  • Wesley finally pushed to the limit by his big, fat, obnoxious boss. "SHUT THE FUCK UP!!!" indeed. And then he immediately tops it off by smacking his sorry excuse of a friend in the face with a keyboard, knocks out one of his teeth which goes on to spell "Fuck you" with the keys that come flying off.
  • Also of particular note: Wesley lays siege to the Fraternity fortress. with exploding rats.
    • During this scene, he shoots a guy through the eye, jams his pistol through the hole, and uses his body as a shield while continuing to kill.
  • The Good-bye bullet scene, courtesy of Fox.
  • And the final scene where Wesley lures Sloan out into the open with a decoy and shoots him in the brain. He then proceeds to break the fourth wall, asking the audience, "What the fuck have you done lately?"
    • Don't forget the fact that he shot it over several miles through cars and windows and stuff. That's some totally badass stuff, right there.
      • Not to mention that the bullet nearly hit both his former best friend and his boss on the way to Sloan.
  • Every. Single. Scene. Each second of the movie builds in sheer, unrelenting badassery from the moment an assassin hurls himself face first through a glass window to the skyscraper rooftop across the street. It all culminates at the point where Angelina Jolie's character fires a bullet in a complete circle, executing all the remaining assassins and herself, because their names had all come up on the Loom of Fate.
  • This troper was awe-struck by the scene where Wesley, unable to get a shot through a car-window, FLIPS HIS CAR UPSIDE DOWN AND SHOOTS THE GUY THROUGH THE OPEN SUNROOF. What makes it doubly awesome is that it's set to Andrea Bocelli's 'Con te Partiro', hardly the first song you'd think of for a scene like that.
    • This troper loves how they use the building climax of the song perfectly. First shot of the guy: "[vro] con te partiro" (vro is the last part of the previous word, added to keep the beat). Second shot, more enthusiastic, with the guy seeming to conduct. "VRO CON TE, PARTIRO". Last shot, seeing the gun aimed at him: "Time to say goodbye."
    • What got this troper about that scene is where he sarcastically says in slow-motion ,"I'm Sorry".
  • I know it's really immature, but 'If not, shoot this motherfucker. It's Morgan Freeman for God's sake!
  • Wesley in his office after meeting the Fraternity. Epic-level verbal pwnage followed by keyboard bitchslap equals win.
    • Made more awesome upon seeing, in slow motion, the bloodied keys spelling out "FUCK YO", and the guy's broken tooth forming the final U.
    • And again in the ending. "This is just a motherfucking decoy."
    • Most cutscenes in Weapons of Fate, right to the end when Wesley defeats the Immortal, especially in the PC version.
    • Fox's Heroic Sacrifice is one of the coolest moments in the film. The intensity, the sheer unbelievability of it, and the look on her face... Bad.Ass.
    • Wesley's one-man assault on the textile factory?
  • The Big Damn Kiss Fox lays on Wesley in front of his ex-girlfriend who is bitching to him in front of her, which totally shuts her up.
  • From the game, when Cross can't get a shot at the Immortal because the Immortal is shooting his bullets out of the air, he improvises by aiming down the barrel of the Immortal's gun. In a movie/game filled with Impossible Aiming Skills, this moment stands out as one of the most ridiculously awesome.
    • More awesome is that while curving bullets is a core mechanic of the game, you can curve submachine-gun bullets, sending a bunch of them flying and exploding on your enemies.
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