Trivia / The Wild

  • Box Office Bomb: The Wild was this domestically - its budget was $80 million but its North American gross was $37,384,046. (Its worldwide gross, however, helped it break even with a total of $102,338,515.) Any ideas from now ex-Disney boss Michael Eisner that Disney could move on without Pixar were quietly locked up after this movie; by the time it hit theatres, Pixar was already a newly-bought Disney subsidiary.
  • Canon Immigrant: In Europe, this is officially named the 46th Disney Animated Feature, taking the place of Dinosaur.
  • Dueling Movies: With Madagascar.

  • This is one of the last, if not the last period, films to open with a variation of the 1985/1990 Walt Disney Pictures logo; when Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest opened, it had the fully animated WDP logo on it.