Trivia / The Adventures of Ford Fairlane

  • Actor Allusion: One of the lines from Ford Fairlane's narration says "I could have been a rock star, if only I wasn't banned from MTV."
  • Box Office Bomb: Budget, $40 million. Box office, $21.4 million.
  • Video Full of Film Clips - Billy Idol's video for his hit single "Cradle of Love" featured several clips from this movie.
    • Although this song was featured in the movie, due to Andrew Dice Clay being banned from MTV the music video was not able to show him (with the exception of the stylized painting). Using a song and music video as part of a movie's advertising campaign doesn't work very well when the audience doesn't see the title character as played by the top-billed actor. Lots of people remember the video, particularly straight men who were teenagers around the time it was released. Relatively few people remember that the song was part of this movie's soundtrack.
    • "Cradle of Love" was also Billy Idol's last hit single. Granted, Idol was largely thought of as an 80's musician, so his career was likely doomed by the 90's anyway, given the sharp turn pop culture took only a year or two later (same goes for Andrew Dice Clay). Nevertheless, it has been speculated that this movie worked as a Creator Killer for not only Clay, but Idol as well. Renny Harlin, on the other hand, still had a few years before he would suffer the same fate.

  • This movie "scored" a triple at the Razzies, including one for Worst Picture of 1990 (it tied with Ghosts Can't Do It).