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Trivia / Summer Wars

  • If you pause to read the list of people who solved the initial encryption for Love Machine, you'll find quite a few real-world notable mathematicians.
    • And quite a few European footballers such as Robin Van Persie and Andrei Arshavin (I have no idea why).
  • If you also pause during the combats in the virtual battleground (in particular right after Kazuma's first defeat, which has a good still image) you can see the tournament inscription ends with "...FOR THE GLORY OF THE INTERNETS".
  • Recycled Script: Viewers who previously watched Our War Game will probably note the similarities between movies. The reason: both were written by Mamoru Hosoda.
  • Spiritual Successor: of Our War Game.
  • What Could Have Been: News revealed that Summer Wars was rejected by Warner Bros.... in which case, an entirely new dub would've had to be made! Who knows how much the chances of an Oscar nomination would've changed if that had happened!
  • The Wiki Rule: Summer Wars Wiki.
  • X Meets Y: WarGames meets Mega Man Battle Network.
  • The movie was aired on Toonami as part of a Month of Movies event on December 2013. The following year, it was reaired as part of Month of Movies December 2014 due to budgetary issues on the part of Toonami.