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Funny: Summer Wars
Many. For example...

  • Kenji meets Natsuki's family, and they think he got her pregnant.
  • When they need power for the mega-computer, and the grand-uncle literally drives through and effectively destroys an arch; what was he driving? A truck with his fishing boat on it. Made even better when he drops the boat into the koi pond.
    • And then, as the onlookers are drenched, one koi goes desperately flying out of the pond.
  • "Please tell me you didn't break the Internet..."
  • Kenji's reaction to Natsuki coming out of the shower in a towel to chase after her baby cousin.
  • When one of the children asks Wabisuke what he was looking at on his iPhone, he answers "ladies with big boobs". He said this to a little girl. Wabisuke is a Jerkass but he's a funny one.
    • "What was your job in America?" "Ninja."
  • Shota (the cop) is basically one walking Funny Moment generator.
    • When Kenji is all over the news as the prime suspect for OZ breaking down and Natsuki's cousin is yelling that someone should do something about him, another of Natsuki's relatives reminds him that he's a cop and asks why he doesn't just arrest Kenji, to which the cousin replies: "Oh, yeah."
    • When he drives off when Kenji and Natsuki runs after them; Kenji tries to apologize to her, Shota simply swats him like a puppy.
  • The last scene is a mix of funny and adorable: Natsuki's entire family cheers the two into a kiss, and when Kenji's nosebleed starts before they can manage it, Natsuki gently pecks him on the cheek, causing him to gush blood like a geyser.

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