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Awesome: Summer Wars
  • Kazuma delivering the mother of all digital punches to Love Machine's face.
  • Another one is when 90-year-old Sakae pulls out a naginata and starts running at her adopted son, swinging it hard enough to make him scared and crash into the table. This is after it's revealed that he was the one who created Love Machine.
    • The immediate reaction is just as awesome, when he grabs the naginata by the blade and pushes it away from him.
    • Sakae gets one back when Wabisuke tries and fails to pull it away from her.
  • Granny Sakae's other Crowning Moment was during the first battle with Love Machine when she spends all day on the phone using the massive web of connections she formed over her 90-year life to motivate the entire country to make it through the day without anything going badly wrong.
    • Later, when one family member mentions how Granny "raised a little hell" to get the job done, her response is a modest, almost demure, "Don't know what you're talking about."
  • Kenji solves a 2056-bit encryption in his head.
    • In 20 seconds.
    • he also solves the first few parts of it within seconds of seeing it.
  • Natsuki's Hanafuda card battle with Love Machine made Yu-Gi-Oh! duels look like Go Fish.
    • Love Machine itself gets one afterward when you catch its plan: it set the ante so that it would still have two accounts when the game ended - itself and the GPS program. Even if it lost, that wouldn't hurt its plan in the slightest. And you just knew it would cling to its trump card with every little trick it had. Almost like it's saying, "Yeah, you can win back some of the disposable chess pieces, rack them up and believe it's a victory, but guess what? You forgot- I'm never taking my eyes off the most important one. When the dust clears, the King will still be mine."
  • Kazuma making one last effort to take out Love Machine, which consists of him smashing out of the cloud King Kazma was thrown into, then flying straight into a horde of other avatars.
  • Natsuki telling her jerkass uncle to shut up just for once and listen.
  • At the end, Love Machine launches the satellite in its control at the family's home. At this point, it had the ability to launch it at any nuclear plant in the world but instead decided they were a more important target. Essentially, they got an unfeeling virus to consider this small family, specifically Kazuma, Kenji and Natsuki, to acknowledge them as worthy opponents.

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