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Trivia / Strike It Lucky

  • Name's the Same: The United States previously had an infamous game show, also called Strike it Rich, which aired on radio from 1947-1950 and on television from 1951-1958.
  • Prop Recycling: The computer graphics used on the archway monitors were programmed by one of the Barry-Enright staffers who joined Kline in leaving that company, and hence used graphics similar to that of the monitors seen on Hot Potato and Break the Bank (1985). A few years later, the "spinning diamond" seen in the intro was reused as part of the bonus round during the first season of Masters of the Maze, a game show on The Family Channel which was kinda like an American equivalent to Knightmare.
  • Working Title: The American version was originally titled Arch Rivals; Richard S. Kline changed the name because he feared it wouldn't sell if it didn't have an established name.
  • What Could Have Been: The American pilot was like the UK version in that three couples competed, and only one would traverse the archways (the others would wait behind podiums); presumably this was dropped so each member of a couple could play.