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Mega-successful production company responsible for Baywatch and importing/producing many foreign English-language (i.e., Canadian and British) shows, although Reality TV and Game Shows are their stock in trade. It was created by the merger of German media giant Bertelsmann's CLF-UFA division with the entirety of Pearson's television division (which had been partly owned by them anyway), forming RTL Group, with the production arm becoming Fremantle, who in turn had bought out All-American Television (which was created from All-American and Scotti Bros./Syd Vinnedge TV merging with LBS Communications, and Fremantle International of the UK, which provides the name). They all had essentially the same management, though. Fremantle (and formerly Pearson) also holds the rights to all Thames Television and Talkback Thames shows.

Fremantle owns all formats and libraries formerly held by Goodson-Todman, Reg Grundy, Hatos-Hall, and Bill Carruthers...which adds up to a whole lot of footage. They even authorized DVD compilations of Family Feud, Password, Match Game, The Price Is Right, and Game Show Moments Gone Bananas...although further ones for Tattletales, To Tell the Truth, and What's My Line? didn't happen due to BCI going out of business. Fremantle also owns a video-game wing in Ludia, which makes video game versions of many of the more popular game shows (though often falls afoul of The Problem with Licensed Games). And in June 2015, they launched Buzzr TV, a classic game show-themed network (and competitor to GSN).

Fremantle strongly dislikes the Writer's Guild, often clashing with them over jurisdictional beefs since they think game/reality shows don't have writers...even though they do, with Jeopardy! and The Singing Bee as just two of the many examples.

They're also frequent recipients of flack from classic Game Show fans for making unreasonable and unnecessary changes to their shows; said flack is rarely, if ever, without merit.

Also notable for message board posters (particularly GSN's) spelling their name as "Freemantle". Just go to their website and tell them they're spelling their name wrong.

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Fremantle invokes the following tropes:

  • Executive Meddling: It seems that when planning a revival, Fremantle thinks they need to put their own "mark" on formats that had already been fine-tuned over the years and proven themselves to be of the can't-miss variety. The results speak for themselves.
    • Syd Vinnedge mandated a "Hollywood mural" design for the Turntable on Price in September 2002, which lasted all of six months before going to a new color scheme of the "classic" patterns.
    • Fremantle's Blu-ray release of the Thames documentary series The World at War won praise for its extensive remastering...and condemnation for cropping and scanning the picture into widescreen.