Funny / Strike It Lucky

  • The entirety of the 1997 charity special, but the show stealer was the end game where the couple playing ended up getting SIX Hot Spots. One of the contestants claiming that the board's 'bent' (rigged) just seals it.
  • An episode of the 1994 season had one of the couples getting a camera on one reveal. When asked if she wanted it, she instead presses the button on the next screen and gets a Hot Spot.
    Barrymore: Did you want the camera? Well we'll get one for you, stuff her!
  • From the very first episode, the question taker for the yellow couple complains about the questions being given, saying they're not 'intelligent' enough.
    • Moments later when they do move, on the first screen they get £150, and Barbara (the question taker) says if they go on, they bet they'll hit a Hot Spot. Sure enough, Robert (the one going across) hits the second screen and gets a Hot Spot.
    Barrymore: *after collapsing in despair* I'm NOT going back over there!
    • On their next round, Barbara is given a question on sport, and demands that it's changed.
    Barrymore: We'll change it to sorapt, which is sport backwards!
    • When it comes to them again, they hit a screen and win a lawnmower and gardening tools (Barbara: We haven't got a lawn, no!), and decide to move onto the next screen.
    Barbara: *as Robert strikes the screen* You get a Hot Spot, and I'll murder ya! *BWEEOOP-BWEEOOP-BWEEOOP!!!*
    • The blue couple gets asked a question, to which Barbara blurts out the answer (At the same time the blue contestant does, but it's hilarious nonetheless).
    Barrymore: Ain't it lovely, if you win a couple of thousand, just give it away!
    • Robert and Barbara manage to get into the end game, they opt to go for the £1000 (no more than four Hot Spots) option due to their luck with them.
    Barbara: *When selecting the second screen* Bottom, and don't you dare! *BWEEOOP-BWEEOOP-BWEEOOP!!!*
  • One episode of the 87/88 season had a brilliant moment at the start of the game. As the players are making their way to their respective start screens, the blue contestant goes BEHIND the topmost set of monitors instead of the front of it. She quickly realizes her mistake and goes back around the right way, embarrassed, but still catches it from Barrymore.
    Barrymore: Where the hell were you going?! She went round the back! I tell you what, you can't see the prizes around the back, it's a television! *turns and goes back to the question takers* What a good start(!) We've a couple here who've come all the way from Malaysia, they know the right way to go!
  • YMMV a little, but any time one of the screens are pressed and it takes at least 2-3 seconds for the prize to be revealed (Usually met with a confused 'Hello?' or something to that effect from Barrymore) should raise a chuckle.
  • A contestant from the Strike It Rich run was a bit too literal minded (or had visions of the near-future) - they actually struck the screen instead of the button below. Barrymore's reaction to that is priceless.
  • The 1991 Christmas Special (with members of the Royal Air Force, Royal Navy, and British Army that served in The Gulf War competing with their wives) had a few, including...
    • Barrrymore going through an Army drill with the son of the Army contestant (and the Army contestant ordering Barrymore around).
    • After the game FINALLY gets underwaynote , Barrymore says, "Yes, you see, we've got a very bright producer here. He's put the pregnant lady at the top". (the wives served as the "strikers", while the Armed Forces husbands answered the questions)
  • One episode starts with the contestants making their way to the starting positions, and the red contestant stops halfway across the board. Barrymore notices this and takes her to the proper starting space.
    Barrymore: You're not really that silly, you could have won easy from there, you know! Yes four moves, win, end of programme, no commercial break!