Funny / Strike Back

  • When Scott poses as a mercenary hacker, ex-IRA terrorist Connelly decides to test him by tying him to a chair and strapping a bomb to his chest, then leaving him. The bomb turns out to be a shaped charge that explodes away from him (but still hurts like hell), and Connelly immediately checks his cell phone, surprised that Scott didn’t call for help. Scott replies, “Oh yeah? Who the hell am I gonna call? My Mom? Yeah, she probably knows how to defuse the fucking thing!”
  • Scott’s thoroughly-inappropriate response to Colonel Grant rescuing him from the Sudanese hospital.
  • In the penultimate episode of Project Dawn, surrounded, outgunned, and nearly out of ammo in Chechnya, Stonebridge turns to Scott and asks, following up on a vague conversation from earlier, if Scott was really married. Scott gives him the biggest face of confusion then yells "Are you fucking kidding me?"
  • In the Project Dawn finale, Scott and Stonebridge leave the Crib a few minutes after Sinclair socked Scott in the jaw.
    Scott (shouting over his shoulder): By the way Sinclair, you hit like a girl!
    Stonebridge: Really, looked like he hit you really hard.
    Scott: Yeah, it hurt like hell.
  • At the start of episode 9 of Vengeance, this exchange:
    Scott: C'mon buddy, speed it up. Warp factor 8!
    Stonebridge: I never took you for a closet trekkie.
    Scott: Gotta love a show that kept asking Mr. Scott for "more thrust!"
  • The first episode of Shadow Warfare has Stonebridge trolling Scott by way of warning him about Candiru while they're trekking through the Colombian jungle. Martinez later points out that Candiru are native to the Amazon, which earns Stonebridge a smack from Scott.
    • It needs to be quoted to be appreciated in full:
    Scott: What the fuck was that?
    Stonebridge: Probably a candiru.
    Scott: What the fuck's that?
    Stonebridge: The little fish that swims up your cock and drinks your blood. You can't get it out. It's got barbs.
    Scott: You fucking kidding me?
    Stonebridge: No mate.
    Scott: We got a vaccine for that?
    Stonebridge: Nothing to worry about, mate. 'Cause it'll never find your tiny cock.
    Scott: Fuck you. I want to get out now. D:
    Martinez: Candiru are native to the Amazon. This is Colombia.
    • Same episode has a brief return of the "go on zero or on one" argument from the last season.
  • The second episode gives us Scott's apparent glee at finally being able to rob a bank (which is not a bank, in fact, but a stock exchange building), and Stonebridge's understandable lack of enthusiasm, along with this conversation:
    Martinez: This is Colombia. The police are never the first people you call.
    Scott: No, everyone knows it's Ghostbusters.
    Stonebridge: You're a twat.
    • Raoul Gomez's heart attack in the building's vault also yields some funny dialogue. Bonus points for Scott's Percussive Maintenance actually being an effective revival technique:
    Rebekah: You've given him heart attack!
    Scott: I didn't fucking mean it!
  • Episode 6 of Shadow Warfare, in which Scott goes to get the diamonds he and Stonebridge took appraised.
    Scott: [after hearing how much the diamonds are worth] Fuck me.
    Scott: S-sorry.
  • Episode 10 of Shadow Warfare. Scott and Stonebridge are bound and hooded in a van, being sent for execution... and they still take the time to argue on whether they act on the count of "three" or "go". In Morse Code. Seeing their fingers tapping each other's hands and wriggling agitatedly is hilarious.
    • Even better, they're rehashing the argument from last season.
    • Same episode. Despite pursuing terrorists, Stonebridge still takes the time to chide Scott over his language:
    Scott: Fuck you pull over, right now!
    Stonebridge: Say "please".
    Scott: *gives Stonebridge an incredulous WTF look* Please fuck you pull over, right now!
  • In the 2nd episode of Legacy, Benz the Tuk-Tuk driver makes fun of Scott and Stonebridge and asks them if they'll get married soon. They both said he's going to wear the wedding dress.
  • Scott gets trolled by Stonebridge when the Russian foreman warns him in the 5th episode that he'll be in hell in North Korea.
  • While Scott and Stonebridge are under State Security Department custody, Stonebridge treats his videotaping of admitted guilt as if he was advertising himself for a date. Li-Na is not impressed.
  • Crashing their helicopter in Switzerland, Scott and Stonebridge find a farmer.
    Stonebridge: How do you say "telephone" in Swiss?
    Farmer (in perfect English) We say telephone. And I'm Austrian. We say telephone as well.
  • The two try to repay the man with one of their fancy watches but he turns them down by saying "I live in Switzerland, I'm surrounded by watches."