YMMV / Strike Back

  • Complete Monster: While most of the villains in the series have loved ones or some form of honor, these two, from "Project Dawn", have neither.
    • Latif, a Pakistani terrorist leader, is the mastermind behind "Project Dawn", which aims to strike back at the West for "Trojan Horse" note ; his actions, however, would possibly kill thousands of innocent people. After kidnapping and executing John Porter from the first season, Latif poses as a Pakistani intelligence officer so he can assist Section 20. He also sends a group of terrorists to storm a hotel in hopes of finding a scientist named Mahmood, with dozens killed in the chaos. After the crisis is resolved, Latif reveals himself to Mahmood and proceeds to interrogate and kill her. With the assistance of several mercenaries, Latif uses the intelligence he gained from Mahmood to find hidden caches of VX nerve gas around the world. He then conspires with drug and Arms Dealer Fatmir Hasani to construct an organ farm so that his doctor, Irina Mullova, will have plenty of candidates to aid him with his plans. Once Latif acquires the location of the final nerve gas cache from Joseph Allen, he immediately has Allen killed, shortly before having Fatmir killed as well for taking a risk that nearly exposed him to Section 20. With Mullova's help, Latif plants the nerve gas with two suicide bombers so they can attack a World Summit. Latif murders Mullova after her work is done, lures his men to Section 20 where they kill most of their personnel, and then kidnaps Colonel Grant and Pakistani presidential candidate General Akmal Ramiz. Furious over their knowledge of Trojan Horse, Latif demands that they confess to the operation on camera, or he'll set off one of the two bombs. He murders Ramiz after he refuses, but Grant complies. Even after she confesses, Latif activates the bomb anyway in hopes of killing thousands.
    • Tahir, from episodes 5 and 6, is the leader of a group of Janjaweed rebels who Rape, Pillage, and Burn as they please, also kidnapping children in hopes of raising them to be soldiers. After Tahir's rebels kidnap Dr. Clare Somersby, the daughter of Gerald Crawford, and her entourage, Tahir guns down Clare's fiancé, deeming him invaluable. When Tahir agrees to give Clare back to her father in exchange for the weapons he promised him, Tahir responds by cutting off her right ear upon discovering that Crawford is still short on the weapons. He brings Clare back to his camp and spends his time tormenting her; he dares her to dig through a mass grave in order to find her fiancé's body, and later tries to seduce her, all while his soldiers are getting ready to gang rape Clare's friend. After Stonebridge and Crawford storm Tahir's camp and rescue Clare, he gathers what soldiers he has left to try and hunt them all down.
  • Foe Yay: Leatherby makes a pretty unsubtle pass at Stonebridge in the third episode of Shadow Warfare.
  • He Really Can Act: Stapleton and Winchester get to really stretch their dramatic chops in Project Dawn Episode 9, when Scott quits and Stonebridge has to talk him down.
    • Any time the action slows down enough, the two get great dramatic moments.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight: All three of the show's leads ended up in major roles on 2015 NBC shows. They haven't crossed over though.
    • Richard Armitage played Arc Villain Francis Dolarhyde on Series/Hannibal.
    • Sullivan Stapleton landed the male lead role on Series/Blindspot.
    • Philip Winchester got the lead role on The Player.
  • Like You Would Really Do It: It's extremely unlikely that a certain character was blown to pieces at the end of an episode. That said, some credit is due for the "next time" promos acting like they would.
    • And then horribly averted when many recurring characters are suddenly and unceremoniously Killed Off for Real. note 
    • In the final episode of '"Shadow Warfare'', Locke agrees to exchange Stonebridge and Scott for the Big Bad with a Russian mobster... and then it turns out he has snipers ready to kill the mobster as soon as the exchange is complete.
  • Magnificent Bastard: Conrad Knox, from the beginning of the season he has complete control of the situation with Section 20 several steps behind him.
    • Leo Kamali from Shadow Warfare, who proves himself to be one helluva Gambit Speed Chess master, with everyone dancing to his tune (and he dancing around them), who also managed to stay as The Man Behind the Man right until the last episode.
  • Retroactive Recognition: Andrew Lincoln as Collinson in series 1/Origins, which aired on Sky1 in May 2010. The Walking Dead premiered on AMC on Halloween of the same year.
  • Took the Bad Film Seriously: No one expected much of the show when Cinemax involved, believing that it would be nothing more than an excuse plot hung on gratuitous sex and violence. Audiences were pleasantly surprised to find out that the writing and performances were top-notch and that the show featured some truly spectacular stunt work. Opinions are mixed on the copious sex scenes, however.