Awesome: Strike Back

  • Stonebridge, catching a bomb out of midair in Project Dawn, episode 2. It Makes Sense in Context.
  • Crawford in Project Dawn makes a huge splash in his short time. Affably Evil, a Man of Wealth and Taste, he successfully plays Section 20 along and nearly gets his daughter back himself. But when all else fails, he keeps up with Stonebridge providing excellent sniper support in getting his daughter out of Somalia alive
  • Conrad Knox throughout his time as the shows man Big Bad, with his resources, he's able to give Section 20 a massive run for their money and almost nearly wipes out the team sent to stop his plan.
  • Shadow Warfare, episode 5. The final battle of the episode is awesome on both Section 20 and the Real IRA: the Real IRA spring a masterful ambush, free McKenna and down Richmond and Martinez, then Stonebridge, Scott and Locke counterattack. Then McKenna manages to capture Locke - and it turns out that rescuing McKenna was just a distraction: the real goal was capturing Locke.
  • Shadow Warfare, episode 9. Stonebridge and Scott raid a terrorist camp in a castle in Germany, and are surrounded and outnumbered. Then Locke, Richmond and Martinez arrive to extract them with a helicopter: Martinez provides suppressing fire with her rifle, Richmond is sniper support, and what does Locke do? He uses an M32 grenade launcher to rain explosive death on the terrorists. With no room to land, they drop a line to the boys, who hook up and keep on shooting as they're lifted out.
    • The best part: That scene was filmed for real with Phillip Winchester (Stonebridge) and Sullivan Stapelton (Scott). The two actors were actually hooked up to a line and lifted out by helicopter. No Stunt Double!
  • Shadow Warfare, Episode 10. Stonebridge and Scott are bound, with hoods over their heads, in the back of a van, being driven to be handed over to Ulyanov. They spot their guards and coordinate their attack in Morse code (and, humorously, manage to do a little bit of arguing in Morse). Then they counterattack, overpower their guards, and kill one of them by throwing him out the van onto the escort car.
    • Then Stonebridge tops that by jumping onto that car, fighting his way inside, and carjacking it.