Trivia / Shin Megami Tensei I

  • Urban Legend of Zelda: There was a rumor about a sadistic Easter Egg in the game that basically went as follows. Starting the game enough times would result in a message flashing on screen that says "TURN IT OFF IMMEDIATELY," complete with a loud buzzing noise. The original Japanese text allegedly said something ambiguous, either "Turn it off immediately" or something that meant "Kill yourself." The game is so rife with disturbing imagery that most players believed it. This rumor was so prolific that it took a member of the localization team, Gideon Zhi, admitting that there was no such code embedded in the game before people started realizing that it was just a rumor.
  • What Could Have Been:
    • The artbook had designs of demons that did not make the final cut.
    • Originally the game was only meant to start in Tokyo and then to take place on a global scale before ending in Israel.