Trivia / Sex and the City

  • Fake American: Kim Catrall was born in England and raised in Canada.
  • Retroactive Recognition: John Slattery as a politician Carrie dates for a couple of episodes.
    • Harvey Specter is an artist that has a thing for filming the sex he has with models. Apparently.
    • Miranda is presumptuously set up with a same-sex partner at her company ballgame by Sterling Archer.
    • After leaving Big, Natasha went to law school.
  • Star-Making Role: The four lead actresses had varying degrees of fame before starring in the series, but have now catapulted to A-list levels of stardom.
  • Too Soon: One of the reasons critics make for SATS 2 failing was the group going on an expensive overseas vacation in the midst of a crippling recession coming off as insensitive and insulting.