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YMMV: Sex and the City

Tropes relating to the show.

  • Awesome Ego: Samantha.
  • Complaining about Shows You Don't Watch: Lots of people like to take cracks about how the characters find Carrie to be some kind of sex incarnate beauty icon, and all of her friends are supposed to be considered less pretty than her. This really isn't the case, though there are many instances of her friends and lovers going on about her being gorgeous/stunningly beautiful. The criticisms may just be the overflow of how many people feel about Sarah Jessica Parker. Mileage greatly varies about how true the media's declarations about her looks are.
    • Some people criticized Samantha for "breaking up with a man because his penis was too small" (a common criticism of the show is misandry and obsession with men's members), which wasn't accurate — not only did he have a micropenis (about an inch long), but she tried to make the relationship work and even got taken to a shrink over her being "frigid". The man broke up with her when she revealed why she wasn't having sex with him.
    • Viewers outside the USA pointed out how ridiculous it was that SJP in particular managed to keep her bra and panties on during even the most passionate sex. One British reviewer pointed out that it was a miracle the city girls got round to any actual sexual involvement at all, as 98% of any given show seemed to be the four central characters sitting round talking about it and complaining about their lack of it...
  • Crowning Moment Of Awesome: Carrie and Big in the "The Big Time". You know it shouldn't be, but it is. Big kisses her:
    Carrie: Fuck you. (He continues to kiss her). Fuck you. (She kisses him back). Oh, fuck me.
  • Crowning Moment of Heartwarming: Harry's proposal to Charlotte.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight: Miranda's reaction to Samantha's Suddenly Sexuality, considering the fact that Cynthia Nixon is engaged to another woman. (And has dealt with having fallen in love with a woman extremely well; not dissimilar to the way Samantha did, in fact.)
    • An even better example of this is a first season episode where Miranda is assumed to be gay by a co-worker, who sets Miranda up with a female date for a company event. At the end of the episode, she considers how life would be much easier if she were a lesbian, testing this by kissing her same-sex date.
  • Hollywood Homely: Miranda, though men aren't put off by her looks so much as her powerful career and a demeanor that intimidates and emasculates them (however, at least one guy in-show really finds that attractive). Harry arguably qualifies as well, as he's portrayed almost as a hideous beast at times.
  • Hollywood Pudgy: Miranda's "baby weight", Samantha in the movie after she gains — at most — five pounds.
  • One-Scene Wonder: Lexie Featherstone.
  • Periphery Demographic
    • Gay men, famously, to the point it's almost considered more of a "gay show" in the popular imagination than it is a "chick show".
    • Straight males, too. See Testosterone Brigade.
  • Tear Jerker: Although it dances with becoming Narm, the scene in which Carrie is begging Aidan to take her back after she slept with Big.
    Carrie: You have to forgive me. You have to forgive me. You have to forgive me. (Begins to weep). You have to forgive me.
    • Much better than it sounds.
    • Also, Miranda releasing all the pent-up emotion about her mother's death during a fitting for a new bra.
    • Charlotte and Trey realizing that their marriage is beyond repair. He shows up at a magazine shoot featuring their penthouse that he hadn't wanted to do. When she tells him he can leave if he wants, he firmly says, "No. This is important to you".
    • Richard Slut Shaming Samantha and refusing her a job because she slept with his architect. Samantha points out the hypocrisy by saying, "If I were a man, you would have shaken my hand and given me a key to your office." She makes it to the elevator before breaking down in tears. (Although it becomes better when Richard calls Samantha back and offers her the job anyway because her speech impressed him.)
  • Testosterone Brigade: While its male fanbase is often stereotyped as being composed primarily of Camp Gay men who watch it for the fashion, during its prime it also had a very large contingent of straight male fans, as it featured a ton of female skin and enough of the male perspective (at times) to occupy straight men's interest.
  • Unfortunate Implications: The episode where Carrie dates a bisexual guy is... not very well handled. The episode showed bisexuals as some kind of fad among young folk who play spin the bottle indiscriminately. Carrie breaks up with him because she doesn't want to kiss girls too.
    • In the second movie, Charlotte spends nearly the entirety of it stressing out over Harry possibly having an affair with her sexy, Irish the epilogue, the film "clears this up" by saying the nanny is a lesbian, instead of, oh, I don't know, Harry was a great husband and would never cheat on Charlotte? But apparently, he's a man and has no say if a woman seduces him. Not to mention they seem to assume Erin will try to seduce Harry just because she doesn't wear a bra.
    • Big's behavior towards Carrie after he's gotten married, which frankly, borders on stalking, especially in light of the fact that she keeps telling him to leave her alone—and even physically pushing him away at one point. Of course, it ends with her falling into bed with him.
    • The episode where Carrie meets a fan of hers who happens to be a 24 year old virgin. When the latter tells her that she views sex as something intimate and special that she wants to save herself for instead of just doing it for fun, Carrie looks at her like she's crazy.
  • Why Would Anyone Take Him Back? A few examples, but most notably with Carrie and Aiden after she had an affair with Big. He was still deeply hurt by it, could no longer trust her at all, and in the end they realized the damage was done and there was no saving the relationship.

Tropes relating to the film:

  • Critical Research Failure: In the second film, Miranda blithley informs the girls that 'Han ji' is how you say 'Yes', apparently after reading umpteen travel guides on the UAE. It's actually Hindi, and while there is a large Indian expat population in the Middle East, any decent guidebook would tell you that in Arabic one says 'Aywa'.
  • Designated Hero: Carrie, whom the audience is ostensibly supposed to identify with and care about, is a self-and-shoe-obsessed character whom in real life would be an extremely annoying girlfriend/wife, and not a very good friend.
    • Especially a Kick the Dog moment in the second movie where, when Charlotte says it's not a wise idea for her to go out to dinner with Aidan, after all that's happened between them, Carrie retorts, "Okay, you're crazy, you are crazy in Abu Dabi. Just because you're worried about your marriage, everybody's gonna cheat. Have a nice night." Poor Charlotte is almost in tears after that, and Carrie does end up kissing Aidan, so Charlotte was right all along.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight: The waiter in the first movie mistaking Miranda and Carrie for a couple when Cynthia Nixon is a bisexual in real life.
  • Wangst: When Big almost calls his and Carrie's wedding off in the first movie, Carrie's reaction is to go to bed sick and depressed like someone died, and Samantha at one point has to spoonfeed her while she basically looks like a victim of war or a natural disaster.

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