Trivia / Raving Rabbids

  • Executive Meddling: Originally, the first Rabbids game was going to be a Rayman platformer, and featured things like Rayman going on an epic quest, and the ability to ride different animals and machines into battle. Then it became a mini-game fest.
  • Manual Misprint:
    • The first game's Wii manual discusses an options menu that allows one to change quite a few settings, but in the actual game, there is nothing more than audio menu that allows you to adjust audio track volumes. The reason for this, given by the development team, is because since the game was a launch title, the development team initially had meant to put in a lot more settings in the actual game. When it turned out the Wii would allow you to change these settings in the actual operating system (for example, if your TV was widescreen or not), the options menu in the game was scrapped but was mistakenly left in the manual.
    • The second game's manual inexplicably has cheat codes listed in the screenshot of the main menu. These were likely debug features, as none of them actually work in-game.
  • What Could Have Been: The original scenario was about Rayman finding love and joining André, Rayman 3's Big Bad, against their enemies, the Rabbids. It was also going to be a free roaming platformer that had Rayman riding animals, fighting the Rabbids in hand to hand combat, and saving his friends from them.