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The Rabbids franchise has been praised mostly for its absurd humor, especially when involving the psychotic personalities of the titular characters, which upstaged Rayman himself. The Rabbids have also landed in the Number 6 spot in Watchmojo's ''Top 10 funniest Video Game Characters''.

Rayman Raving Rabbids:

  • In the beginning of the game, after the Ubisoft logo appears, a Rabbid comes running and screaming right before he is hit by a plunger offscreen
  • At the end of the first mini-game Bunnies Don't Give gifts, Rayman hands an injured Rabbid a booby-trapped gift and it explodes on his face.
  • The mini game Bunnies like to stuff themselves has a Rabbid wearing a chef hat, but rather than coooking, actually eats ANYTHING even if it's not food. The ending cutscene to the mini-game has this same Rabbid burping and apparantly collapsing on the floor after eating all of the food.
  • ( The entire Bunnies like surprises mini-game, which has and endless amount of cartoonish slapstick. The gameplay consists of you luring a Rabbid with a plunger stuck to his face to various painful objects like cactuses, fire, only to have 5000 tons land on him.
  • All of the loading screens from the Xbox 360 version of the game.
  • The Rabbids singing Jingle Bells

Rayman Raving Rabbids 2

  • The intro
  • The burp minigame has your Rabbid burping so loud that it destroys the entire city.
  • In one minigame, the intro makes it look like a sort of nascar race when it turns out it is just a slow race with simple bikes as transportation
  • Dial R for Rabbid
  • The menus, which feature Rabbids popping up, screaming and running all over the place in shopping carts.
  • If you play the story mode in multiplayer, after you beat all 6 minigames, depending on the country you chose for the gameplay the leaderboards will feature a hilaruous outcome for the player who loses. For example, if the first player wins the game in U.S.A but the second player loses, the second player will be run over by cars repeatedly.
  • Celebration is easily the funniest song cover in the game.

Rayman Raving Rabbids TV Party
  • Pretty much anything the 2D animated Rabbids do. Really. The animators clearly had a blast translating the Rabbids' kooky antics into a different style of animation. Everything from their exaggerated facial expressions, to their twitchy movements, but especially the sounds they make.
  • The intro of the game has many small but hilarious physical gags.
    • One of the Rabbids kicks another one in order to get him closer to Rayman, who is being chased by eight of them
    • The Rabbids getting distracted by lightning.
    • When the Rabbids are then struck by the lightning, they become trapped inside Rayman's TV. At first they look confused about their surroundings, but as soon as they see Rayman on the other side, they begin to scream at him.
  • Themain title screen, which, if you leave idle for a long period of time, will make a 2D Rabbid appear out of nowhere and start doing various antics with your television screen, which inlude:
    • Messing with the volume of your television. It even somehow manages to mute it, making it unable for you to hear the audio of when he farts.
    • The Rabbid also messes with the calibration of the screen, separating his head from his torso, which causes him to scream
    • He also interferes with the TV's brightness, which ultimately ends with him blinding himself for setting it too high.
  • The opening cutscene to Rabbidass, which has a Rabbid with a parachute about to jump off a building. When he does jump, however, it is revealed that the backpack had everything except the parachute.
    • The closing cutscene to the mini game has the Rabbid leaving an Impact Silhouette in wet cement.
  • The opening cutscene of The Happy Rabbids Show mini-game, which has two Rabbids fighting over a microphone, resulting in the two of them accidentally kissing each other in the mouth.
  • The game features micro-games in between some minigames, which feature 2D Rabbids parodying TV commercials. A dedicated fan has made a compilation video featuring all of these parody ads.
    • Among a few of the funniest are the ones where the Rabbids are drinking Capri-Sun, then a random object falls on their head, and the famous Respect the Pouch slogan is said in Rabbid Language.
    • There is also another one parodying iTunes as well as Apple products in general, where you can see a sillouhette of a Rabbid wearing headphones dancing to a Britney Spears song in the background. If you shake your Wii remote in time, you appear to smack him, knocking him unconscious. After this happens, a logo of a half-bitten carrot appears, parodying the Apple logo.
  • If you play the game in party mode, there will be additional microgames in-between the minigames, which, in this case, parody game shows and news flashes.

    • One of the microgames is a parody of The Weather Forecast, and featueres a Rabbid wearing a bowl of spaghetti for hair, mimicking a weather lady. The player has to press either the symbol of the sun or the stormcloud in order to beat the game. If the player presses the stormcloud, the Rabbid will pull out a tiny umbrella right before a walrus falls on top of him. If you press the sun, however, a bright light appears to shine from the sky into the Rabbid's eyes. The Rabbid appears to be enchanted by it, but the light turns out to be a stage lighting lamp, which falls down and crashes on the Rabbid's face.
Rabbids Go Home
  • The fun starts even before the game begins, as the Rabbids steal the Ubisoft logo right after it appears.
  • The Rabbids themselves seem to be more hyper than in the previous entries, smacking dolls around, yelling hysterically at baby carriages ( with babies inside), heck, they even spin a dog around. This is also the first Rabbids game where you'll hear the Rabbids laughing in a psychotic manner constantly.
  • The Bwaaaaah attack takes the infamous scream and literally scares the pants ( and the rest of their clothes off) of humans.
  • Whenever you scream at a human cleaning a window, it will cause him to fall off the building. This also occurs to humans who are working in elevators.
  • Whenever the Rabbids toss humans and XL objects into their giant pile, and then happily jump around as if the objects they just carelessly threw had no value whatsoever, and completely ignoring the fact that some of the things they collect are living creatures, includinga a cow. Hilarious how twisted a Rabbid can be.
  • Throughout the game, you'll encounter certain objects that will trigger a short cutscene of the Rabbids interacting with said object.
    • There's even one where they pick up a Capri-Sun juice pouch
  • More twisted humor ensues as you have a Rabbid stuck inside your Wii remote.
  • The Rabbids' version of the Romanian song Sanie Cu Zurgalai, which you can listen to here
  • The levels themsleves all have their fair share of dark humor. One of them has the Rabbids pushing humans out of a flying airplane, and then breaking the jet turbine off, only to crash through an airport window and suck the humans into the turbine ( Although they do come out through the other side of the turbine, only burnt). The cow chasing levels have all have an ending cutscene in which the Rabbids crash into the truck carrying the cow and cause it to fall off a cliff. The developers of this game are obviously crazier than the Rabbids themselves.

Raving Rabbids: Travel in Time
  • If the intro doesn't make you laugh, I don't know what will.
  • How did the Titanic crash according to the game? A Rabbid manages to get inside the ship, swallow a couple of beans and knocking the captain unconscious with its fart.
  • The Rabbids' version of YMCA

Rabbids Alive and Kicking
  • The entire mini-game of Rabbid-O-Matic, which is essentially a Kinect remake of the mini-game Bunnies like Surprises from the original Rayman Raving Rabbids.
    • If you manage to beat this mini-game, the ending cutscene will show a Rabbid getting into a modern sports car, only to have it lifted into the air by one of the yellow submarines, making it crash against it, WITH THE RABBID STILL IN IT
  • The entire mini-game of Tenderfoot Dance
    • Especially the ending cutscene, where a Rabbid fails to shoot anything out of his weapon, he then tries to test it by pointing it into his face, which of course, ends up with the weapon blasting in his face, sending the Rabbid flying across the room, finally having a giant safe fall on top of him.
  • Everything about My Raving Rabbid. Just the fact that you, as the player, can interact with a Rabbid via augmented reality and have the ability to actually slap and kick it is hilarious all on its own.
    • If you do a series of random movements around the Rabbid, it will eventually get so confused that its eyes will turn red and scream
    • Sometimes, if you repeatedly abuse him, he'll get angry and threaten you.
    • If there are more than two people in the room, the Rabbid will get scared and run around the room screaming.
    • You can also purchase interactive objects from a shop, which when triggered, will have your Rabbid interact with it in some way. One of the objects is a cow that will fall on the Rabbid and flatten him. If you trigger a pepper, your Rabbid will swallow it, making him shoot fire out of his mouth afterwards. The fire extinguisher will make your Rabbid inflate himself, if you slap him while in the air, he'll deflate and start flying around the room like a balloon.
  • The ending cutscene of Snot Funny has a football player kicking a Rabbid into the air.

  • The 2D animated Rabbids return, and they're just as hysterical as ever.

Rabbids Land
  • The opening cutscene to the mini-game Totem Slap has a Rabbid peeing on a Totem that appears to be moving. When the Totem begins to run away, the Rabbid races after it. It is later revealed that the Totem was actually another Rabbid in disguise, and he slaps the peeing Rabbid away.
  • The board game, despite being the slowest parts of the game, can actually get a few chuckles now and then.
    • When you trigger a booby trap set by your die, a random cow will appear and fall on the Rabbid of the player's choice.
    • When you land on a Bad Square in the game, a small portal will open underneath, which your Rabbid will fall into. You will hear punching and smacking sounds from inside the portal, with your Rabbid screaming. Your Rabbid is most likely getting beat up in there.
    • Whenever you trigger a present, the first thing that will happen is your Rabbid will get flattened by it.
    • Once you finish the board game, the loser Rabbid will run around screaming only to get disintegrated by a laser gun. Luckily, he regenerates after being zapped, but it doesn't make it any less humorous.

Viral videos/ Trailers
  • One of the very first teasers for Rayman Raving Rabbids features Rayman's creator, Michel Ancel doing a seemingly normal live interview for E3. What he doesn't notice, however, is that there are Rabbids walking behind him in the background. Near the end of the supposed interview, the Rabbids let out their war cry and attack Ancel. View the hilarious teaser for yourself Here.
  • The Rabbids invading Nick. All. Three. Videos.
  • The interview with Adrian Lacey in an MTV gaming show, where the Rabbids are doing all sorts of crazy antics in the background like carrying cows, cosplaying as Rayman and even popping out of a TV screen.
  • The Rayman Raving Rabbids Making Of Videos. Just look at them
  • All of the Bunnies Can't videos released by Ubisoft. They all essentially of a Rabbid screaming while wielding a random object after being unable to perform a task. The video then says they can't perform said action, but they can dance.
  • The teasers for the Nintendo DS version of Rayman Raving Rabbids.
  • The very first teaser for Rayman Raving Rabbids 2, which parodies the Transformers movies.
  • Pretty much all of the Rabbids Around the World trailers promoting Rayman Raving Rabbids 2.
  • The video with the Rabbids playingrugby.
    • After the logo appears, you can see a clip of a Rugby player kicking the Rabbid instead of the ball.
    • Then at the very end of the video, we see the same Rabbid in the locker room with all the players wearing towels. One of the players whips the Rabbid's butt with the towel.
  • The Rayman Raving Rabbids 2 Launch Trailer is both hilarious and kind of heartwarming in its own way. After countless videos of the Rabbids beating humans up, it's nice to have one trailer where the Rabbids are being nicer to them and are genuinely having fun with them as a family.
    • The end of the video even has them having dinner together ,Only to have another Rabbid with a plunger stuck to its face running and crashing against a wall.
  • The slightly creepy Rayman Raving Rabbids TV Party teaser. Which at first looks like something out of a Poltergeist trailer, with nothing but a television emiting static, later revealed to be a Rabbid making the static noises with his mouth.
    • Even funnier is the ending of the video with all the Rabbids screaming inside the TV
  • Rabbids at the movies
  • The E3 Trailer for Rabbids Go Home
  • The Rabbids Go Home cartoon series. All five mini episodes.
  • Ubisoft also released six short backstage videos, two of which were never released on the official Ubisoft or Rabbids channels, each one introducing the characters you'll see in the game. The purpose of each video is for the viewer to explore the characters' personalities by seeing how each of them behave in a room with nothing but props and occasionally, each other.
    • Episode 1 introduced the Rabbids.
    • Episode 2 introduced Humans.
    • Episode 3 introduced Verminators.
    • The originalEpisode 4, which can only be viewed in the spanish Rabbids channel shows how humans and Rabbids interact with each other. Since this episode was never released in the US channels, episode 5, which features the Dog, acts as episode 4.
    • Episode 5 introduced the Dogs.
    • The sixth and final episode cannot be found on any official channel and features a Rabbid interacting with a Sani-Bot.
  • The Raving Rabbids Travel in Time E3 Trailer
    • The beginning of the video shows a recap of the Rabbids' past adventures, the first one being from Rayman Raving Rabbids TV Party, where a Rabbid inside a TV crashes against the screen.
    • The Rabbids visiting prehistory and giving a caveman a lighter
    • It turns out the Rabbids actually broke the Sphynx's nose
    • The entire scene with the Rabbids and King Arthur.
  • This commercial where a Rabbid interacts with a UHU glue stick
  • In late August of 2016, the Rabbids Invasion animation team from Ubisoft Motion Pictures released a series of short skits featuring the Rabbids parodying the olympics, with audio only available in French. Watch the compilation video here


  • Just the Rabbids themselves, with their dumb stares and their lack of common sense for anything they do. Also, every single little noise they make including the infamous BWAAAAAAAAHHHHH!scream
  • Rabbids invading Just Dance 2. The teaser shows a Rabbid dressed as a gangster singing to the tune of Here Comes the Hotstepper
    • Then there's the gameplay itself. You have to dance to the beat of the farmer sillouhette while a Rabbid appears and tries to dance with him. The farmer occasionally tries to get it to leave, but is unsuccessful. Every time the Rabbid comes back, he does something different, one time he'll even hide behind a sign with a chicken painted on. The farmer accidentally kicks the Rabbid into the air, and when the farmer looks like he's going to catch him when he's falling, he instead lets him fall on the ground, leaving the impression of the Rabbid on the ground.
  • The comic strips and gags drawn by French artist Romain Pujol and written by Thitaume are comedy gold. A number of fans have stated that the comics have proven to be funnier than the recent games the Rabbids have made. One of them has the Rabbids raising Marilyn Monroe's skirt while playing with a leaf blower under a vent, and another one has a Rabbid running a marathon, but then realizing that the finish line he crossed was actually a police line covering a crime scene ( WITH A MURDER LINE AND EVERYTHING. Just look at it.
  • The Rabbids's official Facebook page often posts parody posters and illustrations featuring the Rabbids. Among one of the funniest ones are a parody of The Spongebob Movie: The Sponge Out of water, which has a Rabbid wearing a starfish on his chest(and Patrick Star's trunks) throwing a bucket of water at another Rabbid which was dressed in a sponge suit.
  • This short animation featuring the Rabbid Brass Band from Rabbids Go Home.
  • These animation tests done for an augmented reality event in Paris.
  • There are two rare promos that are strangely funny. One of them being a back to school commercial and the other being a hockey short.
  • The Ubisoft Internal Com hosted by the Rabbids.
    • In this video, the Rabbids parody various licensed games made by Ubisoft such as The Smurfs and The Adventures of Tin Tin.