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The Rabbids franchise has been praised mostly for its absurd humor, especially when involving the psychotic personalities of the titular characters, which upstaged Rayman himself. The Rabbids also made it to Watchmojo's Top 10 funniest video game characters.

Rayman Raving Rabbids:

  • In the beginning of the game, after the Ubisoft logo appears, a Rabbid comes running and screaming right before he is hit by a plunger offscreen

  • At the end of the first mini-game Bunnies Don't Give gifts, Rayman hands an injured Rabbid a booby-trapped gift and it explodes on his face.

  • The mini game Bunnies like to stuff themselves has a Rabbid wearing a chef hat, but rather than coooking, actually eats ANYTHING even if it's not food. The ending cutscene to the mini-game has this same Rabbid burping and apparantly collapsing on the floor after eating all of the food.

  • ( The entire Bunnies like surprises mini-game, which has and endless amount of cartoonish slapstick. The gameplay consists of you luring a Rabbid with a plunger stuck to his face to various painful objects like cactuses, fire, only to have 5000 tons land on him.

  • All of the loading screens from the Xbox 360 version of the game.

Rayman Raving Rabbids 2

  • The intro

  • The burp minigame has your Rabbid burping so loud that it destroys the entire city.

  • In one minigame, the intro makes it look like a sort of nascar race when it turns out it is just a slow race with simple bikes as transportation

  • Dial R for Rabbid

  • The menus, which feature Rabbids popping up, screaming and running all over the place in shopping carts.

  • If you play the story mode in multiplayer, after you beat all 6 minigames, depending on the country you chose for the gameplay the leaderboards will feature a hilaruous outcome for the player who loses. For example, if the first player wins the game in U.S.A but the second player loses, the second player will be run over by cars repeatedly.

Rayman Raving Rabbids TV Party

  • The game features micro-games in between some minigames, which feature 2D Rabbids parodying TV commercials

Rabbids Go Home
  • The fun starts even before the game begins, as the Rabbids steal the Ubisoft logo right after it appears.

  • The Rabbids themselves seem to be more hyper than in the previous entries, smacking dolls around, yelling hysterically at baby carriages ( with babies inside), heck, they even spin a dog around. This is also the first Rabbids game where you'll hear the Rabbids laughing in a psychotic manner constantly.

  • The Bwaaaaah attack takes the infamous scream and literally scares the pants ( and the rest of their clothes off) of humans.
  • Whenever you scream at a human cleaning a window, it will cause him to fall off the building. This also occurs to humans who are working in elevators.

  • Whenever the Rabbids toss humans and XL objects into their giant pile, and then happily jump around as if the objects they just carelessly threw had no value whatsoever, and completely ignoring the fact that some of the things they collect are living creatures, includinga a cow. Hilarious how twisted a Rabbid can be.

  • More twisted humor ensues as you have a Rabbid stuck inside your Wii remote.

  • The levels themsleves all have their fair share of dark humor. One of them has the Rabbids pushing humans out of a flying airplane, and then breaking the jet turbine off, only to crash through an airport window and suck the humans into the turbine ( Although they do come out through the other side of the turbine, only burnt). The cow chasing levels have all have an ending cutscene in which the Rabbids crash into the truck carrying the cow and cause it to fall off a cliff. The developers of this game are obviously crazier than the Rabbids themselves.

Raving Rabbids: Travel in Time

  • If the intro doesn't make you laugh, I don't know what will.

Rabbids Alive and Kicking
  • My Raving Rabbid

  • The ending cutscene of Snot Funny has a football player kicking a Rabbid into the air.

Rabbids Land

Viral videos


  • Just the Rabbids themselves, with their dumb stares and their lack of common sense for anything they do. Also, every single little noise they make including the infamous BWAAAAAAAAHHHHH!scream

  • The comic strips and gags drawn by French artist Romain Pujol and written by Thitaume are comedy gold. A number of fans have stated that the comics have proven to be funnier than the recent games the Rabbids have made. One of them has the Rabbids raising Marilyn Monroe's skirt while playing with a leaf blower under a vent, and another one has a Rabbid running a marathon, but then realizing that the finish line he crossed was actually a police line covering a crime scene ( WITH A MURDER LINE AND EVERYTHING.

  • The Rabbids's official Facebook page often posts parody posters and illustrations featuring the Rabbids. Among one of the funniest ones are a parody of The Spongebob Movie: The Sponge Out of water, which has a Rabbid wearing a starfish on his chest(and Patrick Star's trunks) throwing a bucket of water at another Rabbid which was dressed in a sponge suit.