Heartwarming / Raving Rabbids

He's like part of the family now.

  • As the plot of the first game progresses, the Rabbids go from absolutely loathing Rayman and violently tossing him into a dark,grotesque prison cell to becoming his biggest fans. The more trials Rayman completes, the more improvements the Rabbids make to his cell in order to make his imprisonment more comfortable. As mean-spirited as the Rabbids can be, seeing them develop a genuine respect for Rayman is kind of sweet.
    • At one point in the game, the Rabbids become so infatuated with Rayman that they sing a fanfare every morning as he steps out of the prison to complete more trials.
    • When Rayman enters the arena, he is greeted by a crowd of cheering Rabbids. Some of them are even holding up a sign that reads We love Ray.
  • These Unicef ads for Rayman Raving Rabbids, at least the endings of each one.
  • The launch trailer for Rayman Raving Rabbids 2 is both hilarious and kind of heartwarming in its own way. After countless videos of the Rabbids beating humans up, it's nice to have a trailer where the Rabbids are actually being nice to them and are genuinely having fun with them as a family.
    • The end of the video even has them having dinner together ,Only to have another Rabbid with a plunger stuck to its face running and crashing against a wall.
  • The ending of Rabbids Go Home where the Rabbids, after dozens of failed attempts and weeks of pestering humans in order to build their, pile, end up orbiting towards their home on the moon. is most definitely the Crowning Moment Of Heart Warming in the entire Rabbids franchise. Think about it. The Rabbids are often described as being clueless creatures with the attention span of a goldfish, incapable of achieving anything. Many fans were led to believe that the Rabbids would not make it to their goal, and seeing them actually succeed is indeed an unexpectedly powerful moment.
    • The voicework done for the Rabbids as they slowly approach the moon also contributed to the ending's strong emotion as they sounded especially happy and excited as they finally arrived home.