Trivia: Power Rangers in Space

  • Dyeing for Your Art: Christopher Khayman Lee — the cartoony, sci-fi skunk stripes in his hair were not his idea. At first, they told him he was going to wear a wig; but then, when he came to L.A. the crew were basically like, "Surprise! We`re going to bleach your hair now!" It was painful to say the least; in fact, it took at least 8 hours to get it just right, and with his head feeling like it was on fire on top of that. Even worse, his hair grew so fast which meant his roots began to show in his streaks... meaning that they had to touch-up those roots with the bleach each time, yikes! In this Q&A video posted on his YouTube channel, at around the 7:28-minute mark he answers a fan's question about whether or not he would sport the Andros-'do again (he said no) and he continues to talk about it for another 3 minutes or so. In spite of it, he still enjoyed his time on the show regardless.
    • When he made his appearance in the 10th anniversary special, "Forever Red", he did not want to go through the bleaching process again so they gave him a wig.
  • Enforced Method Acting: On Christopher Khayman Lee's first day on set, he was pulled aside by Jonathan Tzachor and was told to act like an asshole to his castmates and to avoid them off-screen so that Lee could get into full character as Andros, much to Lee's chagrin. So when you see Andros eventually warming up to the rest of the Space Rangers, you'll know why.
  • Hey, It's That Guy!: Adelle is Laverne and Shirley!
  • Hey, It's That Voice!: Cassie is currently the voice of Jill Valentine.
  • Prop Recycling - The reason for Dark Spector's appearance was probably because the Maligore costume was too expensive to only be used once.
    • Lampshaded by Divatox in the first episode, no less. (Doubles as a Call Back to Turbo: A Power Rangers Movie.)
      Divatox: You remind me so much of my fiancée!
    • Waspicable was clearly just Grumble Bee with different wings and the red bits repainted silver.
  • What Could Have Been: A pre-series bible shows that they had intentions of retaining Justin (IE. no Andros). The Bigger Bad from Carranger, Emperor Exhaus, would be used as Dark Specter, as opposed to recycling the Maligore suit and using Exhaus for Turbo's Giant Space Flea from Nowhere, Goldgoyle. Divatox would stay on as the main villain, the Mooks from Megaranger would be used instead of the American created Quantrons, Darkonda was to be named Spike, and Bulk and Skull were going to start a Civil Defense Force with the Rangers away.
    • Rita, Zedd and Divatox were supposed to die in the finale because of the Z-Wave. However, the Fox Kids censors did not like this, so they were spared.
  • You Look Familiar: A costume version. Dark Specter was a reuse of the elaborate Maligore costume from Turbo: A Power Rangers Movie. Acknowledged by Divatox in the season premiere.
    • All the stranger when you consider Maligore was a demon the size of a Megazord at his biggest and Dark Specter is the size of an entire PLANET. He's also seen to shapeshift, which makes you wonder why he picked someone so many magnitudes of power weaker than himself to impersonate. Probably because Maligore looks scary. Besides, maybe they're related.
    • In an early draft of "Forever Red," Amit Bhaumik had proposed the idea that Maligore was an infantile version of the species that Dark Specter was a part of. Since this never made it to the final draft, it's anyone's guess how canon that idea is. On one hand, it would explain the similarity between Maligore and Dark Spectre. On the other, the fact that Maligore is technically an infant version of the species and that Divatox was his girlfriend... well, the implications are not pleasant.