Funny: Power Rangers in Space

  • Anytime Divatox interacts with the other female villains. It's usually Astronema, but she and Rita share some amusing zingers in the season opener.
    Divatox: How wonderful to see you... Frita.
    Rita: It's RITA. So, still after the Power Rangers?
    Divatox: Who? Oh, them. Really, Frita. You MUST get out of the dumpster more often. I've DESTROYED the Power Rangers! Well someone had to.
    • Then later, when Dark Specter is deciding who will be the one to go after Andros, the two actually get into a physical squabble, fighting for who will be the one to do it, Divatox throwing in a Continuity Nod / Lampshade Hanging of Dark Specter's resemblance to Maligore.
  • In the team-up with the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, after Astronema has mind-controlled the Turtles and made them take over the Megaship, they come across a glowing cloud. Astronema asks what it is.
    Michelangelo: You're asking a turtle who lives in a sewer to explain a cosmic event?
    • Raphael kicking Elgar out of the way. For those who were pissed off that he was the one who blew up the Command Center, seeing him just get knocked aside was very satisfying.
  • Be careful when you fail to show up for your date with Catwoman.
  • When Bulk and Skull realize who the rangers are
    Bulk: "Them?"
  • When Andros and Zhane go to try and find Karone, there's this brief exchange:
    Andros: You dated my sister?
    Zhane: I didn't know she was your sister, but I should've.
    (Quantrons approach, but Zhane and Andros manage to hid in time)
  • When Elgar calls Astronema the smartest boss he's ever had over a phone, Divatox then grabs the phone away from her to berate him. Elgar then hides behind a console and pretends to be an operator with the Veemon voice.
  • Anytime that the Rangers are on Earth and not on a mission tends to produce plenty of hilarious moments due to Andros's unfamiliarity with human customs leading to things such as him attempting to eat a banana without peeling it first.