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Maligore is the Dark Specter's twin brother
Divatox even commented on how they look alike. Perhaps her interest on Maligore was having a Greater-Scope Villain who'd favor her over Rita and Zedd; the Machine Empire; and anyone, like Astronema, who appeared after her time as the main Big Bad.
  • Has some validity given Word of God is they're the same species, though Maligore would be the baby brother, as he's explicitly far younger than Specter was.

The Z-Wave also destroyed/purified the non-Power Ranger Saban villains
At the time of Power Rangers in Space, Saban's only two non-Ranger shows still on the air were Ninja Turtles: The Next Mutation and Mystic Knights of Tir Na Nog. Both shows would be cancelled by the end of the series. Perhaps Andros' shattering of Zordon's energy tube allowed the energy wave to destroy/purify Grimlord, Count Dregon, the Crustaceans, Shredder (at least the Power Ranger universe's iteration), the Rank, and Nemain and Mider as well as their assorted henchmen and monsters.
  • Mystic Knights of Tir Na Nog is set in the past but the rest seems likely

Rito and Thrax were at Master Vile's during the finale
Thrax was too young to participate so his parents sent him to his Grandfather Vile, who lives at a galaxy where "evil always wins". The parents (Rita and Zedd) would have gone as well but refrained to do so out of fear of the Dark Specter (Remember? They told Astronema they wouldn't join her for the universe-wide attack because they had a plan of their own but she made them reconsider by mentioning the Dark Specter) so they sent Rita's brother to help. That explains why Rito wasn't seen at the finale (This troper knows about the damaged costume issue but still welcomes any plausible in-universe explanation). That explains why Thrax wasn't affected by the Z-Wave.

Ecliptor got redemption through saving Karone
More than a few people felt that the Z-Wave turning Ecliptor to dust did him a bit of a disservice. But there's another possibility! Although Ecliptor claimed to be 'pure evil,' he had a father's love for Astronema. That opened the door for a possible redemption through the Z-Wave when Zordon was destroyed. However, in whatever it was that caused the Z-Wave to register if there was any kind of redemption possible (like with Rita, Zedd, and Divatox), Ecliptor's thoughts were to spare Astronema, and so he gave up his chance at his own redemption and possible life as a regular human being (or something) in order to have his life force or essence or whatever go to Karone, helping to bring her back to life. This is why she wasn't instantly revived and the Astronema attire turned to dust like with the other villains, and it also means that it wasn't just the magical healing powers of tears that brought her back.

Astronema was being too naive telling the other villains Dark Specter was dead
While the other villains gave her lip service and still kept fighting, it's clear none of them are happy about following her orders. They were simply waiting until the Alliance had won, at which point the Evil Power Vacuum Dark Specter's death created would kick in and Astronema would find herself with a gigantic target on her head in the resulting Enemy Civil War. Particularly given Astronema doesn't seem particularly powerful on her own compared to other Big Bad villains (Zedd and Mondo have both curbstomped Rangers who were fighting them head on with intent to kill them, Astronema's able to fight but never displays that level of power and in most cases the Rangers she's fighting were holding back at the time) and they explicitly were only following her orders because Dark Specter told them to. In all likelihood, she never actually had a chance of ending up Empress of Evil in the end and was in way over her head.