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Trivia: Nikita
  • Actor Allusion: One of the members of Oversight is portrayed by Alberta Watson, who played Madeline in La Femme Nikita
  • Friday Night Death Slot: Unfortunately, this is most of the reason why Nikita is currently CW's lowest rated show.
  • Hey, It's That Guy!:
  • Truth in Television: The episode where Division attempts to kill a Georgian prince has a background in reality. There really is a Monarchist tradition in Georgia (though it's been absent from power for 200 years), and there really was a dynastic squabble settled by the two lines marrying recently, in 2009. All the personal stuff was fake, though.
    • Also, Nikita picking at her food in the suburban mealtime in 1x20 because it was a pot roast. She apologises when the kid says she is "busted". This is an allusion to Nikita's actress Maggie Q's real life veganism and animal activism. She is also well-known for ensuring that she works in places that do not use fur, and has changed this when working on certain projects before.
  • Homage: The scene in episode 16 of season one, where Alex, in her drug-induced haze, "escapes" Division and uses a ceiling hatch to go aboveground only to find herself in Russia in the snow is eerily similar to a scene in the Dollhouse episode "The Attic".
  • Retroactive Recognition: In "Alexandra," that's Kenzi as Alex's friend from her sex slave days. And then Lauren as a terrorist four episodes later ("Girl's Best Friend").
  • Shout-Out:
    • Nikita's dead fiancee is named Daniel. There was also a Russian spy (with a daughter!) called Irina.
      • The final two minutes of 2.10 are immediately identifiable to Alias fans as either an homage or a blatant ripoff of the final two minutes of "Almost Thirty Years", right down to the Not Quite Dead mother of our heroine, and a shocked "MOM?!".
    • Birkhoff calls the black boxes Percy's Horcruxes in "Betrayals".
      • In a later episode, he refers to Ari as "Lord Voldemort".
    • Apparently, Tom Cruise in a harness couldn't break into the SCIF note  room in Langley.
    • Birkhoff - played by Pyro - says he'll "fire up Cerebro".
    • During the assault on Birkhoff's house in "343 Walnut Lane" he yells "We're getting off this damn beach!" as he calls in an airstrike.
    • When Sean suggests Division can use USAF assets to send Alex into Russia, she derides it as a Captain America plan.
      • In the same episode, Birkhoff refers to Oversight as the Imperial Senate.
    • A Division Guardian mentions the Golden Ticket when Nikita asks him if he knows what the black box is. He does.
    • Birkoff refers to Roan as "the Terminator" after Alex has a run-in with him.
    • Alex quips that revealing herself as Alexandra Udinov to the world is "like I'm about to tell everyone I'm Iron Man or something."
      • In the same episode, a foreign agent is introduced to a third party under the alias "Bill Clay," which is the same alias Hans Gruber used when introducing himself to John McClane.
    • In "Power", after Nikita flirts with two guards and then knocks them out, she quips, "Boring conversation anyway."
    • In "Shadow Walker" Division sends three trucks to deliver some money. Alex suggests that they see which truck is riding lowest "Hey, I saw it in a movie once". Later, when Birkoff does just that, Micheal snarks "I guess Birkhoff saw the same movie".
    • "Crossbow" turns into a 42-minute Shout-Out to Star Wars. The old Star Wars missile-defense sytem is mentioned, Percy's Kill Sat (dubbed the Death Star by Micheal) is called Crossbow (Like Chewie's bowcaster), Birkoff tells Nikita "May the Force be with you". The final plan is a trench run to fire a torpedo down...sorry, have Nikita drop down the silo to blow the computer room. Star Wars seems to be a favorite .
    • Birkhoff does a Dalek impersonation while hijacking a sentry gun.
      • "I am Wade's servo gun. I now betray my overlord. Exterminate! EXTERMINATE!
    • "Intersection" sees the cast in full snark mode: "Who watches the Watchman?"
    • Birkhoff referring to a Shop's facility: "Area 50 3/4"
    • In 1x19 "Girl's Best Friend", Nikita and Michael talk about how the plan of the week resembles that of the volksfrei movement a few years ago.
    • In the Season 4 premiere, Birkoff snarks that Alex "thinks she's Batman, which I guess makes my girlfriend {Sonya} Robin" while updating Nikita on the events since the end of Season 3.

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