Trivia / Neverwhere

  • All-Star Cast: In the 2013 BBC Radio production.
  • Creator Cameo:
    • In the radio version, Neil Gaiman plays Mr Figgis, the security guard at Richard's work, and would-be bodyguard The Fop With No Name.
    • In the TV show, Gaiman also appears at the start of in the intro credits, running under an arch.
  • Development Hell:
    • The Film of the Book, which may yet grace the silver screen.
    • The Seven Sisters - not a direct sequel, but taking place in the same universe of London Below - as yet to materialize.
  • Reality Subtext: It is unknown if this was intentional, but the bits of the book that take part in Angel tube station can have this impact due to Angel being home to Slimelight, a long running alternative nightclub. It is not uncommon for ordinary commuters to be accompanied by club patrons with some interesting ideas about fashion.