Trivia / Muse

  • Banned in China: Muse were asked not to play the songs "Uprising", and "Revolt", on the Beijing and Shanghai portions of their Drones Tour, presumably for political reasons.
  • Big Name Fan: They're the favorite band of Stephenie Meyer (And Matt himself is said to be a fan), something a lot of fans are horrified by.
  • Black Sheep Hit: "Madness", which received a lot of critical acclaim but broke the fanbase, and has been described to sound like every band except Muse.
    • Which is kind of funny if you think about it, since not sounding like themselves is exactly the sort of thing they would do.
  • Executive Meddling: Averted with the U.S. release of Origin of Symmetry. Their label wanted them to remove the falsetto lyrics, but their refusal ended with them parting ways and depriving the band's U.S. fans of Origin until 2005.
  • Old Shame: The band feel this way about their early demo tapes This Is A Muse Demo and the Newton Abbot Demo as well as their 1994 Battle Of The Bands performance (their earliest known stuff). Every time a copy of This Is A Muse Demo has come on the market (so far twice) someone has outbid the fans by a ridiculous amount, leading to suspicions the band doesn't want anyone hearing it. Chris said it was like people wanting to look at baby pictures.
    • Matt Bellamy doesn't have very kind words about "Execution Commentary".
  • What Could Have Been: It took four YEARS for Origin of Symmetry to be released on an American record label. Muse did not get widespread recognition in the US until Absolution. At that time, Origin was only available via import, which caught a lot of new, back catalog-digging American fans by surprise by way of availability and music. The story is that Maverick Records, the band's original label in the US (which released Showbiz), wanted Bellamy's falsetto vocals off the album (even though Thom Yorke is forever famous for them in Radiohead). Muse refused and split with Maverick. Of course, nowadays their songs get regular radio play in America.
    • Unsustainable was considered for the Skyfall theme, but Adele ultimately won.