Funny: Muse

  • Muse were asked by the Italian football show Quelli che... il Calcio to mime "Uprising". They're not the type of band to lipsync, and their reaction is golden.
  • Loads and loads of Muse fans despise Twilight and the fans who discovered the band through the soundtracks of various Twilight films and Stephanie Meyers shout-outs. Many of them make excuses for the band's contribution to those films. But the funny part? Bellamy just really likes the books.
  • Teddy bear uprising.
  • The way the song "Hoodoo" has a fast paced flamenco riff which immediately is followed by a much slower one is pretty humourous.
  • During the "Sing for Absolution" video, Matt briefly rolls his eyes at the sight of a sign saying "Be prepared. The ice age is coming."