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Tear Jerker: Muse
  • On good days, listening to "Blackout" gives you the chills. On worse days, the tears run rivers.
  • "Sing For Absolution" was created to be one.
  • Hell, Absolution as a whole can be considered this, especially if you listen to the last five or six songs in order.
  • Listening to the b-side "Glorious" can make you cry tears of soul-swelling joy and exuberance. Words cannot describe.
  • Exogenesis, especially part 3, with Matt Bellamy pleading, "Just let us start it over again. And we'll be good, this time we'll get it right."
  • "Soldier's Poem" is a complete wrecker.
  • "Love Is Forever". Which makes sense, seeing as he wrote the song shortly after a bad breakup. Not, contrary to popular belief, for its associated movie, though it is very easy to jump to that conclusion.
  • "Falling Away With You".
  • "Hoodoo". "And I've had recurring nightmares that I was loved for who I am... and missed the chance to be a better man."
    • This may also count as a Wham Line (Wham Verse?), since this comes at the end of a partially-incoherent hard-rock breakdown and violins. VERY effective.
  • The very end of "Newborn".
  • "Starlight"'s "Hold you in my arms..." line can set some people on tears. It's just quite intense how it's said.
  • The song "Escape" from their first album. Listening to grown man belt out those lyrics can cause a creeping sense of Wangst. And then you hear the meaning behind it: Bellamy wrote it about his parent's divorce from the point of view of his 13 year-old self. Now listen to those lyrics again and imagine them coming from a confused, 13 year old Matt. It's not exactly an uncommon or traumatising topic and he wasn't particularly little, but having your family fall apart around you can be a pretty confusing and frustrating experience for someone that age.
  • The ending of "Citizen Erased" is quite sad... ironically the gentle fade out to the song is followed by distortion, static and then... right into MICRO CUTS.
  • For the band: the night of their Glastonbury 2004 set, which Matt often describes as the best concert of their career, Dom Howard's father died of a heart attack on-site right after the last song ("Stockholm Syndrome"). This does get better however, as Dom's family and bandmates helped him through his grief and he was able to finish the tour.
    • The song itself can be one, as it deals with an abusive relaionship. Both of the couple love each other but can't admit this, so they both continue feeling hurt.
  • "The 2nd Law: Isolated System".
    • From the same album, "Explorers." "There's nothing left for you or for me."
  • "Hyper Chondriac Music".
  • Screenager , especially the chorus.

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