Series: Hollywood Game Night

A primetime Game Show on NBC, hosted by Jane Lynch and co-created by Sean Hayes (who is also an executive producer and occasional player), which all but revives the game show norms of the 1960s. In particular...

In each episode, two contestants are teamed up with two groups of celebrities, three per team, who play a series of minigames for points. The winning contestant plays a Bonus Round for a chance at $25,000 (and $10,000 for a celebrity's charity). Hilarity Ensues.

The series premiered on NBC on July 11, 2013 and is currently in its third season.

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Said games include:

  • Celebrity Fusion: Guess which two celebrities' faces were combined in this composite photo (with a Before and After-type name).
    • Movie/TV Mash-Up: Introduced in the second season, it's the same game, but obviously with movie titles and their posters or TV show titles.
  • Clue-Boom!: Introduced in the second season, it's Catchphrase meets hot potato with an exploding bowl of confetti.note  A player from each side take turns reading a card pulled from the bowl and try to get a player from their team to say the word, then passing the bowl to the other side once the correct answer has been read. Whoever has the bowl bursting in their face loses, and the winning side gets points based on how many correct answers their team got.
  • Four Letter Words: Rearrange foam letters to spell out an answer while wearing vision-blocking glasses.
  • How Do You Doo?: Guess the songs that a team member is singing. Oh, and you can only hum it out with "doos".
  • I Love a Charade: It's charades. Jane always sings the title of this game whenever it's introduced.
  • Lil' Picassos: Guess the celebrity based off a child's drawing and a clue.
  • Link in the Chain: Guess words, but you must recite each previous answer in order, la Smush.
  • Lost in Translation: Guess a film based off a translation of its Market-Based Title somewhere else.
  • Matchmaker: Match up members of celebrity duos.
  • Marquee Madness: A combination of three movie titles and one must deduce the actor or actress all three have in common (so Mr. and Mrs. Panda Raider is Angelina Jolie for Mr. & Mrs. Smith, Kung Fu Panda, and Tomb Raider)
  • Picture Purrfect: Identify films based off screenshots with cats photoshopped in place of humans.
  • Smash The Buzzer: A list is read; smash said buzzer once something that does fit the given criteria is read. The side who gets this right will pick a player from the other team to be eliminated and sent to the on-set bar after each list.
  • Timeline: Arrange the photos (often of the same person) in chronological order in ninety seconds, Race Game-style.
  • Take the Hint: It's basically Password with the Serial Numbers Filed Off.
  • TV ID: A cross between Bid-a-Note and Password; bid on the number of clue words you can use to get someone to identify a TV show.
  • Various disciplines of identifying magnified photos of snack foods.

This series provides examples of:

Jane Lynch: "Dean Butterworth and the Scorekeepers, play us out!"