Trivia / Mickey Mania

  • No Export for You: Both the retail and PSN releases of the PS1 port of the game were only released in Europe and Australia.
  • Screwed by the Lawyers: The mere existence of the PS1 port alone prevents the game from ever seeing a Virtual Console re-release; because of this, however, the game's PS1 port is now available in the Play Station Network, but only in PAL regions.
    • Averted by the fact that the developer Traveller's Tales is now owned by rival Warner Bros. yet they still re-released this and other Disney licensed games through Playstation Store post-acquisition.
  • The first game David Jaffe, creator of Twisted Metal and God of War, was involved with as a game designer, and one of the earliest gigs for then-video game and future Oscar-winning composer Michael Giacchino, who composed new music for Mickey Mania's CD ports.