Trivia: Metroid Prime Trilogy

aka: Metroid Prime
  • Actor Allusion: Starting in Prime, Samus obtains a hairstyle with an uncanny resemblance to Alexandra Roivas, who is also voiced by Jennifer Hale.
  • Breakthrough Hit: The series solidified Retro Studios as Nintendo's biggest western subsidiary.
  • Dueling Games: Halo, initially, but then it got weird as development for both series progressed. It was so surprising, that fans of both series wondered if the designers were inspired by either series. Weird stuff happens.
  • God Never Said That: Some people are flat out convinced that Yoshio Sakamoto considers the Prime Trilogy not part of the canon, when in reality they are merely stated to be side-stories and are still canonical.
  • Hey, It's That Voice!!: Jennifer Hale voices Samus in the Prime series; she also voiced, among other game characters, Alexandra Roivas, another blond Nintendo Action Girl, not to mention the female version of another impossibly badass space hero.
  • Keep Circulating the Tapes: The Metroid Prime Trilogy collection for the Wii had a limited print run, meaning that copies of the game were scarce and the price eventually inflated upwards for $200 used depending on completeness. It was rescued on January 2015 when Nintendo brought Metroid Prime Trilogy (along with other Wii titles) to the Wii U's digital download service for a wallet-friendly price.
  • Killer App: Prime was one of the reasons to own a GameCube. For good reason.
  • Troubled Production: The first one was really hard for Retro. (the second had just one problem: the tight deadline)
  • What Could Have Been: In Corruption, the starship was originally meant to play a larger part in the game, with piloting sections. Sadly they were cut, though this does explain the otherwise pointless missile expansions you can get for it.
    • Multiplayer was going to be expanded/fixed for Corruption, based on improvements from Echoes and Hunters. Retro Studios ran out of time.
    • A design document for a "Metroid 1.5" was leaked in February 2011 detailing what would have been an alternate sequel to the first Prime. In it, Samus would have been trapped on an alien starship from another dimension immediately after the first game. The aliens who owned the ship would be capturing bounty hunters from across the galaxy in order to assimilate their powers. There also would have been hybrid mixes between the aliens and Space Pirates or Metroids. One in particular, the Humetroid, a human/Metroid hybrid, was designed as a scout; a Metroid carried on its body would go out in advance to scout an area, while the "body" remained invisible.. There also would have been a ship AI that had four components, some helping you, others fighting against you. Unlocking abilities would be done by deactivating the barriers to them on the ship, but doing so would eventually lead to the creation of an evil doppelganger Samus. The ship would have been as big as the Phazon Mines and Chozo Ruins combined and would have featured many more puzzles. The game also would have featured multi-player much deeper than either Echoes or Hunters. The concept never fully got off the ground, but several elements (multi-player, evil Samus doppelganger, alien villains from another dimension, ship adventure with unconventional method of unlocking abilities) were salvaged and later used in the other Prime games and [[Other M]].
    • Kraid was reportedly going to be a boss in the Phazon Mines in the first Prime game. The only remaining image of him is this render.

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