Trivia / Max and Ruby

  • Cross Dressing Voice: Max is voiced by a female in the French,Spanish, Brazilian and Polish dubs
  • Name's the Same: The Max here is not the same as the OTHER white rabbit named Max
  • No Export for You: The show never aired in Japan.
    • For some strange reason while the show made it to other countries including Latin America,Spain,France, and Germany. Some of the episodes based on the original books haven't got translated in those countries.
  • The Other Darrin: Ruby, Martha, Roger, Mr. Huffington, and Max were given new voices in the later seasons.
  • Uncanceled: The show stopped making new episodes in 2007 and got canceled for a short time. It later returned in 2009 with new episodes starting to air with new voice actors and ended again in 2013. It is now back once again with more episodes that finally introduce the audience to the parents.
  • Wiki Vandal: An episode list The Other Wiki had back in 2008 listed the first episode as being "Max's First Shag".
  • Write Who You Know: Max and Ruby were both based on Well's young daughters.