Trivia: Kevin Sullivan

  • Acting for Two: Appeared at WCW SuperBrawl and WCW The Great American Bash 91 as both himself and as Oz (Kevin Nash)'s manager the Great Wizard.
  • Enforced Method Acting: Told his wife Nancy and Chris Benoit to sell the storyline of her having an affair with him by spending time in public together and sharing motel rooms. Nancy ended up falling for Chris for real.
  • Old Shame: Was the Great Wizard, the manager of Oz in 1991 WCW.
  • Promoted Fanboy: In Card Subject to Change, he said that when he wrestled as an amateur he knew professional wrestling was "bullshit," but added that when he saw the Sheik, he felt that the Sheik was "real."
  • WrestleCrap: Quite a bit:
    • The Dungeon of Doom (inducted as a group, and separate inductions for the Shark, the Zodiac, the Yeti, Loch Ness, Braun the Leprechaun, the Hogan-Giant Monster Truck Match at WCW Halloween Havoc 95 and the Doomsday Cage Match at WCW UnCensored 96)
    • Oz
    • Dave Sullivan
    • "Baywatch At the Beach". The February 19, 1996 episode of Baywatch was called "Bash at the Beach" and was tied in with WCW's July 1995 Bash at the Beach PPV which featured Sullivan supporting Vader in his cage match with Hulk Hogan. The PPV was in July 1995, and the episode aired in February 1996, a month after Vader had debuted in WWE. This is what happens when TV shows go into reruns for the summer. Oh, and the "plot" of the episode had Sullivan, Vader and Ric Flair, now an evil developer, threatening to tear down a Boys and Girls Club, and, of course, only Hulk can stop them.