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Trivia: Kaitlyn
  • One of Us: Seems more into celebrities like Chuck Norris and daytime talk shows like Maury compared to AJ. Is also a massive fan of The Simpsons.
  • The Pete Best: Was a last minute replacement for Vickie Guerrero's first NXT Rookie Aloisia but she ended up winning the contest. Despite that, she lost more matches and contests than AJ and the runner-up, Naomi (who was clearly the better competitor than them both).

  • Was the first NXT Winner to win a title in WWE before any of her predecessors. Season 1 winner Wade Barrett became Intercontinental Champion after fellow contestants Heath Slater, David Otunga and Justin Gabriel had all held tag team gold. Season 2 winner Kaval asked for his release (or rather, was forced out in a way it could be said he asked for his release) before he could win any titles - and even then Michael McGillicutty (later Curtis Axel) would hold the Tag Team and Intercontinental titles. There has yet to be a Season 4 winner to hold a title in WWE.
  • In 2013 she was personally asked to grant a wish for the Make A Wish Foundation - the first time a WWE Diva had been requested since Kelly Kelly was still with the company.
  • Had no money in her account when she was called up to TV. She claims John Laurinitis gave her $1000 to buy wrestling gear and dresses to wear on TV.

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