Trivia: Kaitlyn

  • Actor-Inspired Element: Her secret admirer was originally scripted to just send her flowers and jewellery, with stock love notes in there. Kaitlyn requested that they be changed to something she herself would want to receive. See Geeky Turn-On on the main page. It also added a bit of Fridge Brilliance to the story when AJ was revealed to be behind the letters; who else but Kaitlyn's best friend would know exactly what she would want to receive?
  • Executive Meddling: Was pressured into being more girly when she first debuted. She talked about wearing an outfit that she described as 'tomboyish but still sexy' - but being told she wasn't allowed to wear it. Likewise AJ wasn't allowed to wear her Chuck Taylors at first, management preferring the girls to wear sparkly dresses.
  • One of Us: Seems more into celebrities like Chuck Norris and daytime talk shows like Maury compared to AJ. Is also a massive fan of The Simpsons.
  • The Pete Best: Was a last minute replacement for Vickie Guerrero's first NXT Rookie Aloisia but she ended up winning the contest. Despite that, she lost more matches and contests than AJ and the runner-up, Naomi (who was clearly the better competitor than them both).

  • Was the first NXT Winner to win a title in WWE before any of her predecessors. Season 1 winner Wade Barrett became Intercontinental Champion after fellow contestants Heath Slater, David Otunga and Justin Gabriel had all held tag team gold. Season 2 winner Kaval asked for his release (or rather, was forced out in a way it could be said he asked for his release) before he could win any titles - and even then Michael McGillicutty (later Curtis Axel) would hold the Tag Team and Intercontinental titles. There has yet to be a Season 4 winner to hold a title in WWE.
  • In 2013 she was personally asked to grant a wish for the Make A Wish Foundation - the first time a WWE Diva had been requested since Kelly Kelly was still with the company.
  • Had no money in her account when she was called up to TV. She claims John Laurinitis gave her $1000 to buy wrestling gear and dresses to wear on TV.
  • She shared an apartment complex with her NXT predecessor Aloisa. According to Kaitlyn, there were no hard feelings.