Trivia / Hatchet

  • Acting for Two: Kane Hodder plays both Victor's father and Victor himself.
    • Same with Parry Shen, who's played three different characters throughout the series, playing Shawn in I, Shawn's twin brother in II and Andrew the Medic And the only survivor in III
  • Bad Export for You: The Canadian government barred the unrated version of Hatchet II from being shown in any Canadian theaters, since every film shown in Canadian theaters has to have a rating. Those behind the film didn't submit it for approval. What's more, no harm could have come from rating it as there's really no Canadian equivalent to America's stigma with the NC-17 rating.
  • The Other Darrin: In the sequel, Danielle Harris replaces Tamara Feldman as Marybeth.
  • Throw It In!: Parry Shen came up with the magic trick in Shawn's introduction scene on the spot.
    • The psychotic laughter Marybeth indulges in when she pulverizes Victor's face with his hatchet at the end of II was not scripted, but it was left in anyway.