Trivia: Godzilla: The Series

  • Fan Nickname: This one's nickname is "Toonzilla." "Junior" is also used, but "Zilla, Jr." when having to differentiate from "Godzilla, Jr."
  • Hey, It's That Voice!: N.I.G.E.L is voiced by none other than SpongeBob SquarePants himself, Tom Kenny.
  • Keep Circulating the Tapes: For quite some time, the only releases this show had were two DVD releases that only had a few episodes, one in particular covering the "Monster Wars" trilogy, as well two VHS tapes. Netflix later got the rights to stream all 40 episodes (which included two episodes that never aired during its original run), and now to coincide with Godzilla (2014), Mill Creek Entertainment gave the entire show a 4-disc DVD release.
  • Screwed by the Network: Particularly by our friends the Fox Kids network and 4Kids Entertainment: between being bounced around the schedule, having the episodes aired out of order, and frequently being pre-empted (ironically by Digimon in most cases), it's no surprise the show couldn't find an audience (because the audience couldn't find the show). The arrival of the Fox Box block was almost a mercy killing.
  • Stock Sound Effects: A lot of the monsters
    • C-Rex: Black bear and elk.
    • Cryptocleidus: Whale songs.
    • The Sharptooth roar is audible in P.E.M.C., the Armillaria, and the Chameleon.
    • P.E.M.C.'s high-pitched screech is reused for the Mutant Jellyfish, the Fire Monster, and the Giant Water Beetle.
    • Skeetera and the Cicada share chirping.
    • El Gusano, the mutant rats, Bacillus, the Thorny Devil, the Giant Centipede, and the Cicada have modified pig screeches.
    • The baby Quetzalcoatl's screeches have clearly audible Jurassic Park velociraptor screeches mixed in.
    • The Ice Borers, Termite Queen, and Giant Manta Ray have elephant roars.
    • The Giant Bat's screeches are actually elk bugles and dolphin squeaks.
    • Komodithrax's roar is obviously a modified version of the Jurassic Park T. rex's roar.
    • Queen Bee's shrieks are some very angry-sounding cats.
  • Technology Marches On: Here and there. The cell phones used are the old clamshell style with antennae, not to mention the disk that Nick uses to load the program in "Talkin' Trash" resembles a somewhat over-sized 3.5-inch floppy. Animal's professional video camera uses VHS cassette tapes, and Randy was playing a video game console that's pretty much the first PlayStation in "New Family, Part 1".
    • Randy and Mendel's palm-sized laptops, on the other hand, somewhat subverts it by having what looks like control pads on the keyboard portion and are much smaller than current laptops/tablets, not to mention probably much more powerful considering the various uses. Some of the equipment used throughout as well - laser-based weapons, the mini-sub, the H.E.A.T. Seeker, etc.