Trivia / Godzilla Tokyo SOS

  • Executive Meddling: See below, where Kamoebas was originally going to be Anguirus.
  • What Could Have Been:
    • The role played by Kamoebas was originally going to be Anguirus, but Toho decided against it, feeling that fans may not be too keen on seeing such a fan-favorite being killed like that. A gigantic Mosasaur kaiju was also considered for this part, but Toho felt it would be a waste of a new monster.
    • Supplemental material for the film suggests the Kaiju DNA Freezer would be used to create more cyborg kaiju and escalate into a full-out Mecha Apocalypse.
    • Tezuka was apparently given four different story outlines to choose from for the film, but he found them all boring and wrote his own that ended up being the final version.