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Awesome: Godzilla: The Series
  • Anytime Godzilla shows up with his roar challenging the Monster of the Week and charging up his power breath.
  • S1E05 "The Winter of Our Discontent": When Nick finds out that an experimental computer-operated control device created by Winter's was controlling Godzilla, he went into full on Papa Wolf Mode!
  • S1E08 "Leviathan": While it looked like Mendel isn't able to save his teammates from the Tachyon aliens' grasp, he slyly switches out N.I.G.E.L.'s motherboard with one that's programmed with the attitude of Curley, prompting him to go on a destructive streak. When ordered by his idol to stop N.I.G.E.L., Mendel simply wags a finger and goes "Bad N.I.G.E.L., stop", similar in a manner of a pet owner who's far too amused seeing his pet wreck revenge on someone who had wronged them before. Talk about balls of steel from the resident Butt Monkey!
    • Another Mendel moment occurs in "What A Long, Strange Trip It's Been." Mendel drives a speedboat toward the Bacchilus loaded with a drum of the antidote to the virus it carries. As he bails before the beast eats the boat:
    Dr. Mendel Craven: You make me sick!
  • S1E09 "Hive": Randy points out that one should never underestimate Godzilla.
    Randy: I've said it before and I'll say it again: Never bet against the "Lizard King"!
  • S1E12-14 "Monster Wars": The Tachyon aliens bought back the original Zilla upgraded as a cyborg! ...awesome
    • What's even more awesome is that both Zilla, Jr. and Nick stand up to him!
  • Mayor Ebert chewing out Tobias Wilson for Medusa's escape in "Freakshow." It shows that while he may be a politician, despite the stereotypes, he truly cares about the safety of the citizens and takes his job deadly seriously.
    Tobias Wilson: You can't destroy Medusa, she's private property!
    Mayor Ebert: People have been hurt, and the city is in danger. I can do what I want, Wilson, including holding you responsible!
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